Parents & Families

Families are valuable allies in pursing an education. Parents, siblings, wives, partners, and relatives of all kinds can help keep up spirits, provide moral support, and help keep a student on track.  Having a family that provides support and understanding when a student needs time to do homework and study is one of the key elements of a successful college experience.

Ancilla knows how important families are and we understand life goes on outside the classroom.  We provide frequent and ongoing ways for a student to stay connected with parents and loved ones and we encourage families to visit the college and see what Ancilla offers. We have seen generations of family members attend Ancilla over the years and have received generous support from alumni and their family members– some have told us when one son or daughter attended here, it seemed like the whole family attended Ancilla.

But education does not start and stop at the doors of the College. Students need to spend two hours outside of class studying for every hour they are in class.  Most classes meet for three credit hours and that means a minimum of six hours of work will need to be completed outside of class each week.  Families can help by providing a space and a quiet environment for this to happen.

Students typically take at least 12 credit hours a semester and that means they will need about 24 hours a week to study and do homework.  Some of that can be done between classes, but other times they will need a quite environment at home and time to go to the campus or community library.

If you see your student struggling with a class, suggest they seek help.  Ancilla has a Math Lab and Writing Lab to help students in these areas.  The College can also assist students in other subject areas.  The Center for Student Achievement Lab is located in room 204 and will try and match students with tutors in all subject areas. They request a 48 hours advance request for students seeking help in a subject (other than writing, math or nursing) for the first time.  The nursing tutor is scheduled out of the Nursing office.

Many times the support they get from home can be the difference between success and failure.

Living nearby and commuting to Ancilla

Some Ancilla students live at home and commute to classes each day.  Others have moved into the area and are away from home for the first time.  Ancilla College does not currently offer on-campus housing, but the area has several houses and apartments that students can rent. (Click here for a list of local rental housing options.)  The Admissions Office and Athletic Office are excellent places to discuss housing options and locations.  Some students use the Ancilla Facebook page to meet new students and find roommates.