Student life

“Ancilla trained me on time management, on how to communicate, and on becoming a team player, allowing me to better respond to the needs of patients, family members, and co-workers.”

In college it’s just as important to be involved outside the classroom as it is in class. The more engaged you are, in and out of class, the more complete your learning experience.

Being involved in athletics helps you develop perseverance and the ability to do your best while under pressure.

While running for office in student government you will learn leadership skills. Becoming a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society may lead to important career connections. Donating your time at the Sojourner Truth House for the homeless could change your life!

Students who are involved do better academically in their classes. They have a richer college experience, develop more confidence, and make long-lasting friendships.

ancilla international enrollmentOur graduates have told us again and again, some of their best experiences, and happiest memories, of Ancilla came from meeting, working and becoming friends with other students.

No matter your age, or how busy you are off-campus, find ways to get involved at Ancilla. You won’t regret it.