Academic Core Values

Ancilla College’s Core Academic Values

With a strong emphasis on academic excellence, the teaching/learning process, and personalized student service, Ancilla College provides a positive environment for the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth of each student. Together these values form a foundation for the general education program established at Ancilla. As a basis for further learning in a student’s educational journey, the introduction to these values opens the way to expand his/her knowledge in a major concentration area. These values provide guidance to decision-making and program development while implying commitment to providing the essential resources for their fulfillment.

1. Identify and solve problems using critical thinking.
2. Speak and present information in varied contexts.
3. Create and present information in formal written formats.
4. Recognize and critique significant historical, social, political, or cultural forces that shape society.
5. Analyze and solve quantitative problems using mathematical reasoning and critical thinking.
6. Apply the scientific method and evaluate the acquisition of new knowledge.
7. Identify the use and application of appropriate computer and communication technologies.
8. Articulate ethical values and employ moral reasoning in decision-making.