Admission criteria LPN-RN program

Admission Criteria for the LPN to RN Bridge Program

We want you to be successful.  The best qualified applicants will be admitted through a competitive review and point process that includes:

1.  Successful graduation from a state accredited LPN school of nursing with current unencumbered LPN Indiana license. Attach a current photocopy of current Indiana LPN license to the Nursing Application.

2.  Be accepted as an Ancilla College student under general admission. (Note – being accepted as a general student at Ancilla College does not guarantee admission to the Bridge Program).

3.  Complete a separate application to the Division of Nursing and Health Sciences. Acceptance may begin in January for possible admission in summer. Notification of this process will be made via announcements posted on the Division of Nursing bulletin boards and the Ancilla College Nursing webpage as well as announcements sent to Ancilla College faculty members. Students should check these sites routinely for updated information from the Division of Nursing.

4.  Must have a minimum nursing GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and achieved the required minimum scores for nursing placement testing: if these requirements are not met, the student is NOT ELIGIBLE TO APPLY TO THE BRIDGE PROGRAM.

5.  Your nursing GPA consists of the following required pre-requisite courses. Credits must be successfully completed, or the equivalent transferred, with a grade of C or better and a cumulative nursing GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale as above.

All transfer credits will be reviewed by the College Registrar within the prescribed policies currently in place at the time of the review. Please see transfer and progression policy.

 Nursing GPA courses:
BIOL 252
BIOL 270
CHEM 110
Chemistry for Health Professionals
or approved high school equivalent
CS 135
Computer Literacy
BIOL 254
ENGL 110
Writing 1
PSY 115
Intro to Psych
SOC 140
Intro to Sociology


6. A point system is used to evaluate applications of qualified candidates in order to accept applicants into the program. The point system used by the Nursing Program Admissions Committee will be provided to an applicant upon request.

a. Points are awarded for the following:

i. Grades earned in each of the courses listed above as part of the nursing GPA.

ii. Scores achieved in nursing placement tests.

iii. Previous degrees earned.

iv. Additional completed general education courses required for the ASN degree.

b. Points will be deducted for the following:

i. Repeat, withdraw, or failure (<C) of any required general education course.

ii. Repeat, withdraw, or failure (<C) of any nursing course.

7. Must earn a C or better in each pre-requisite course listed above by the second graded attempt or applicant is not eligible for admission into the nursing program. The most recent course grade will be used for determining the GPA. Any grade below a C (2.0) is considered unsatisfactory for the Bridge nursing program. (A grade of C or higher is required in all courses required for the ASN degree).

8. After the Bridge cohort has been filled the Division of Nursing and Health Sciences may keep an alternate list of prospective students who have successfully completed the nursing application process but have not been admitted into the program. These students will be notified the cohort is currently filled, but the Division of Nursing and Health Sciences will keep their name as an alternate until the start of classes.

In the event a vacancy occurs in the program on or before the start of classes, the list of alternate students will be called, beginning with the first name on the list, and offered placement in the program. Students admitted in this manner must have the appropriate health, CPR, and criminal background check and other required documentation completed prior to the first clinical day held in a facility.

Alternate students will not be retained for the admission process for the following year. These students must re-apply during the open application period by completing a new application packet.

9. Once all places in the Bridge nursing program have been filled, and courses begin, the admissions process is complete.

10. Consideration for any admissions or re-admissions (for those Ancilla students who are “out of sequence” in the program) will be considered only if:

a. An opening exists for the student at the necessary point in the curriculum rotation.

b. Students admitted in this manner must have the appropriate health, CPR, annual in-service, drug and alcohol testing, criminal background check and any other required documentation completed prior to the first clinical day held in a facility.

Placement Testing for Bridge Program Admission

Ancilla College Bridge Program Placement minimum score requirements:

Anatomy & Physiology 75%
Math 75%
Reading Comprehension 75%
Vocabulary 75%
Grammar 75%
Writing Essay 9

If scores are not attained on the first attempt:

Please see personnel in the Center for Student Achievement office C-204. Learning styles and Personality styles are required with no minimum pre-requisite.

Ancilla reserves the right to change, alter, remove and/or amend all procedures, policies, and regulations contained herein at any time, and at the sole discretion of the Administration, whenever such changes are deemed necessary, and without prior notice or cause.

Revised by Ancilla College 6/17/2014

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