Ancilla celebrates the Constitution

DONALDSON – Ancilla College students, faculty, and staff gathered Tuesday to recognize and celebrate Constitution Day.

Constitution Day, September 17, acknowledges the adoption of the Constitution, the work of those who created it, as well as all of those who have become United States citizens.  It is also sometimes referred to as Citizenship Day.

Professor of History, Dr. Tom Buchanan, organizes the event every year.  This year students were asked to prepare questions about the Constitution, the Supreme Court, or a federal case.  There were also two guest speakers; city attorney for Plymouth Sean Surrisi and Jeff Houin, associate attorney at Easterday and Ummel as well as the attorney for Plymouth Community School corporation.

“This is a great time to come together as a community for camaraderie and fellowship in celebration of an amazing document,” said Dr. Tom Buchanan.

“Our Constitution is the oldest functioning document in the world, and we should all know more about it,” Buchanan said.

Following the program students were able to enjoy a meal provided by the Student Development office and faculty donations.


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