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Earn college credits while still in high school
Save money and time with Ancilla

Area high school students can now accelerate into college as an Early Bird student at Ancilla.  Local high school juniors and seniors can take courses right here near home, earning transferable college credits at a huge discount while still in high school.

The cost is only $125 per credit hour! You are responsible for a small technology fee and books (but used textbooks, rentals, and online versions are often available).

To enter the Early Bird Program high school juniors and seniors need to have a 3.0 grade point average in high school classes, get a brief recommendation letter  signed by your guidance counselor, and apply using the free form below.  That’s it. We will contact you with details and ask you to attend an Early Bird orientation to learn about our online, learning support, and other services (all included).

Note: If you are graduating from high school this term and want to take summer courses you do not need a letter or a 3.0 GPA– it’s even easier to save money and time at Ancilla! Just fill out the app below and indicate ‘Early Bird.’ 


Ancilla College Free Enrollment Application

  • Please provide your full middle name.
  • Indicate any former name(s) under which educational records are listed.
  • Social Security Number (Submitting your Social Security Number (SSN) is not required, and your SSN will not be used to create a student identification number, but it is required to receive certain federal tax benefits. Your SSN is also sometimes helpful to accurately match some records like SAT or ACT test scores.)
  • mm/dd/yyyy
  • (area)555-1212
  • (This is used for government reporting purposes only. No admissions decisions are based on this.)
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  • (Currently attending or the last one you attended)
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    (When do you plan to start at Ancilla as a student?)
  • Parent, guardian, spouse, etc.
  • College Transcripts

    List the full name of all colleges, universities, technical schools, military training facilities, or other institutions you are currently or have attended (other than high school). List the most recent school first. If you have not attended any post-secondary institution, write "none." (Note: Federal financial aid rules require a complete list. Failure to indicate every institution attended may result in denial of admission.)
  • (date you requested transcripts)
  • (date you requested transcripts)
  • All college transcripts are required Please make sure to have every college and university you have preciously attended send official transcripts as soon as possible to: Office of Admissions, Ancilla College PO Box 1 Donaldson, IN 46513 Note: This does NOT apply to Guest students.
    Reporting ethnic data is required by Indiana and federal civil rights laws.
    (service in a branch of the US military)
    (Choose all that apply)
    May we release your telephone number and email address to student directories and college publications?
  • Accuracy statement

  • I certify that the information provided on this application is accurate and true. I understand that falsified information may result in denial of admission and termination of enrollment at Ancilla College. I agree to abide by the policies, rules and regulations of Ancilla College. I authorize my high school, and any other educational institutions attended, to furnish all academic and personal information information requested by the Ancilla Admissions Office. I authorize Ancilla College to report my academic progress to my counselor and program adviser for the purposes of curriculum and instructional development. I authorize the Office of Financial Aid to release appropriate information on my academic progress, including grades, and the amount of any aid and award I receive to state, federal and other agencies, institutions, and others involved in providing funds for my education.
  • Please type in your full name. Use your full name that matches your signature above.