Computer Information Systems

computer information systems

In Ancilla College’s Computer Information Systems (CIS) program you will learning computer technology and software skills. Your Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree will provide you with hands-on experiences, skill training and knowledge related to computer applications, network security, web design and new information technologies.

You will learn to solve problems, write basic program code and learn how to develop apps and network plans. You will be able to work with technology to create solutions,  think critically and adapt to changing tools and online environments.

Why a CIS degree?

Computer systems tie together every aspect of our world from online businesses to smart phone apps.  If you’re interested in computer technology, software development, website design or network management, getting your CIS degree is a great first step in the right direction.




Career options…

Network Management Web Design Information Security
eCommerce Technology sales Technology Support
App Development Online Marketing Wireless Network Design

You have options

The degree has two tracks you can choose from: Web Development or Network Technologies.

First semester courses usually include:

Freshman Seminar - Humanities 101 – 1 credit hour
Writing I – 3 cr. hrs.
Computer Literacy – 3 cr. hrs.
CIS105: Introduction to Internet Technology - 3 cr. hrs.
CIS115: Introduction to Network Technology - 3 cr. hrs.

(You may be able to test out of several of these courses, and you can transfer in comparable coursework from other institutions.)

Second Semester
College Algebra or higher math course – 3 to 5 cr. hrs.
Interpersonal Communication - 3 cr. hrs.
CIS145: Interactive Database Design - 3 cr. hrs.
CIS125: Problem Solving and Help Desk Support 3 cr. hrs.
Technical Writing  - 3 cr. hrs.

a Religion, Philosophy or Ethics course – choose one for 3 cr. hrs.
(Again, you may be able to test out of several of these courses, and you can transfer in comparable coursework from other institutions.)

The second year of the program:

General Psychology – 3 cr. hrs.
a Science course (all Ancilla students must take at least one lab-based Science course) – 4 cr. hrs.
a Literature Humanities, Fine Arts, Religion or Philosophy course - 3 cr. hrs.
an History, Economics, Sociology or Political Science course 3 cr. hrs.

Web development track

CIS215:  Website Development (3 credits)

CIS225:  Website Design (3 credits)

CIS235:  JavaScript Programming (3 credits)

CIS245:  Designing for E-Commerce (3 credits)

CIS255:  Web Security Foundations (3 credits)

CIS299:  CIS Internship (1 credit)


Network technology track

CIS210:  Virtualization & Cloud Computing (3 credits)

CIS220:  Operating System Technology & Administration (3 credits)

CIS230:  Digital Communications (3 credits)

 CIS240:  Network Design and Infrastructure (3 credits)

CIS250:  Security and Privacy (3 credits)

CIS299:  CIS Internship (1 credit)

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