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Student eMail

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Library Course Reserves

Check Course Reserves for a list of classes with items and web resources on reserve through the library.

Ancilla Online

Fall, Spring or Summer in daytime and evening schedules Ancilla College offers high quality courses. Ancilla also offers online courses and online materials to support face-to-face courses.  Ancilla has partnered with The LearningHouse to deliver course offerings using the Moodle course management system. Faculty develop course content using a learner-centered instructional design approach.

Log into the Ancilla LearningHouse site here.

Moodle-loginTo access an Ancilla course in the Moodle system, click in the Login box in the upper right corner.

Your user name is your full Ancilla email address– your first name (dot) last  For example: (all lowercase with no spaces).

Password: the default student password is your 8 digit date of birth. For example: March 2, 1978 would be entered with no dashes or slashes as 03021978 (just the 8 digits including the initial zeros if any).  You should change this right away to keep your work secure. Passwords must have at least 8 digits with at least: 1 uppercase letter + 1 lowercase letter + 1 special character (example: Ancilla@)

While online learning includes a variety of approaches, typical coursework will include readings (online and text-based), learning activities, multimedia productions, online chats/discussions (synchronous and asynchronous), online group collaboration and performance-based assessment.

Using the Internet, students are able to access their courses from home, office, or local libraries using a personal computer, Internet connection and a web browser. When you take an Ancilla Online course, you will use your own unique user ID and password to access your courses.

Moodle allows us to offer you online courses in a stable and user-friendly environment. For your convenience, this portal is available at any time from any computer for easy access to your online courses. In addition, the help desk is available 24/7 in case you are in need of any assistance.

Fully online courses

Online courses do not physically meet on campus. If you take online courses you will use a variety of technology to interact with your instructor, other students and access learning materials and tests online. You will need a modern, fast computer with open access to the Internet. (Some local schools and employers put firewalls and other protections in place that make it difficult to access all of your course materials from those networks.)

Web-assisted courses

Most Ancilla courses offer some online materials and additional tools for students. These courses meet in regular session, using classroom or lab meetings as regular classes, but they also have online activities or information available. Ask your instructor if your course is web-assisted.


If you are having problems trying to login, please call the Registrar’s Office at 574-936-8898, ext. 321 during normal business hourse Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4:30pm and we will be happy to help you reset your password so you may access your course! You can also email the Registrar’s Office for additional information at