Security on Campus


Ancilla College encourages students to be fully aware of safety issues occurring on the campus and to take action to prevent and report illegal and inappropriate activities. Personal awareness and personal safety practices are the foundation of a safe community.

Security patrols the College regularly. There is no access to campus facilities after hours unless accompanied by staff or security. Security is available to walk students to their vehicles after class, if needed. Dial “0” from the front lobby telephone to request this service, or to report an incident.

Ancilla monitors activity and maintains a three year report of activity (click here to view the Campus Crime Report for 2013).


In the event of an emergency on campus, contact any staff or faculty member nearest you for help. After 4:30pm, dial “0” from a campus phone, or dial 574-936-9936 from a cell phone to reach the Ministry Center switchboard.

In an extreme emergency, call 911. From any college phone, dial 5, then 911. Students who need minor medical aid should contact their instructor if it occurs during class or report the need to the Dean’s Office. The College does not offer on-site medical services at this time.

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If the fire alarm sounds, safely exit the building immediately via the closest exit. Move far enough away from the building to avoid hampering the efforts of emergency personnel.


1.  Close windows, leave drapes/blinds open
2.  Close, but do not lock the doors
3.  Go to the nearest exit, remembering to move away from the building
4.  Wait for the all-clear signal before reentering the building


If a siren sounds or message is announced over the PA system, all personnel should move to the first floor hall of the building, staying away from windows. Please remain there until the all-clear signal is given.


Information regarding campus parking is available from the Business Office. Parking is permitted in lined spaces only, never on the grass. Three parking lots are available for student parking, Lot A (designated for College parking) Lot B and Lot C.

No one may park along the road that borders the campus, in the grass, or in areas that are marked with diagonal lines. Reserved parking spaces for the handicapped are in the College parking lot or located near the auditorium. No parking is allowed in designated visitor spaces*. The parking tag must be displayed from the rear view mirror. Any student without or not displaying a parking pass will be issued a ticket with a $10 fine. This $10 ticket is redeemable for a parking tag for those without them.

The parking fines are as follows:

  • First Notice = $10.00
  • Second Notice = $50.00
  • Third Notice = Vehicle will be towed at the student’s expense (approximately $75.00).

Cars must be locked when in the parking lot. Ancilla College assumes no liability for loss or damage to any vehicle or its contents.

*Visitor parking spots are open to anyone after 5:00pm.


Possession of firearms and other life endangering instruments is prohibited by the College. Fireworks are also prohibited on campus. Any person caught with any of these items is subject to disciplinary action including immediate suspension.