Center for Student Achievement

The Center for Student Achievement coordinates a variety of student services designed to support student success at Ancilla College: tutorial services, career development, freshman seminar, disability services and academic advising. Each student is assigned an advisor upon entry to the College. The advisor assists students in clarifying goals, selecting courses, identifying resources, career planning, and preparing for entry into bachelor’s degree programs.

Free academic assistance is available through individualized tutoring by appointment, group walk-in study sessions led by faculty and/or peer tutors, peer-facilitated study groups embedded in specific courses, and a variety of learning technologies.

Ancilla College students can become tutors by faculty referral or previous certification; training is required, and students must have an A or A- in courses they tutor or suitable previous experience. The first step in becoming a tutor is to complete the Tutor Application available in the Center.

For information about walk-in group sessions, please contact Connie Disbro or Jill Neidlinger at 574-936-8898, ext. 369.


Career advice is available to help students and alumni with job searches after graduation and with internships while still in college. Assistance is available for résumé and cover letter writing, interviewing skills, and job applications. Online resources are available at and special résumé programs are available in the Center for Student Achievement. Computers may be used by all currently enrolled Ancilla students

The Center for Student Achievement will help you find an internship. The office also provides workshops on résumé writing, mock interviews, cover letters, and assessment, and can show you how to upload your résumé to area, state, and national job sites that are set up for students and graduates. The services do not stop when you graduate; the Center for Student Achievement provides many of the same services to all Ancilla alumni.


Ancilla College is committed to equality of educational opportunities for qualified students with documented disabilities who wish to receive accommodations. The College is responsible for assuring that programs and facilities are accessible; the Center for Student Achievement staff assists the College in carrying out this goal. If a student has a disability and wishes to receive accommodations, formal documentation from the appropriate professional care provider about the disability, the functional limitation it imposes, and recommendations for accommodations must be provided. All the information students provide is voluntary and will be kept strictly confidential.

Academic accommodations and support services are determined on an individual basis. Each accommodation is based on functional limitations as identified in the documentation and is designed to meet a student’s needs without fundamentally altering the nature of the student’s instructional program(s). The ADA Coordinator, Connie Disbro, is located in Center for Student Achievement.

Two elevators are located in the main building of the Ministry Center. A handicapped entrance is available at the north end of the science and technology wing.

Connie Disbro
Coordinator of Testing, Supplemental Instruction, and ADA Compliance
(574) 936-8898 ext. 364

Kristin Rust
Assistant to the Coordinator of Testing, Supplemental Instruction, and ADA Compliance
(574) 936-8898 ext. 373


The STEP (Student Transitions in Educational Performance) program is designed to assist students in realizing their academic potential. Students will be placed into the STEP program if their placement test results indicate the need for basic skill courses. Services provided include individualized tutoring, group tutoring, a mentoring program, a three credit-hour Freshman Foundations course, and specialized workshops. Ancilla College’s STEP Program is set up to help students successfully complete their first semester of college. Advisors will meet with the students various times during the semester to offer advice, study aids, and encouragement. The advisor gives the student another person to turn to when they have a question or need additional academic assistance.

College 101 (Freshman Seminar or Freshman Foundations)

These are classes designed to acquaint you with the differences between high school and college, give you note taking and study tips, introduce you to Ancilla College and the services that the campus provides. Each freshman takes this course and this is where you will begin your portfolio.