Copyright Issues and You

Most people don’t think about copyright when they photocopy pages from a book, print an article from an EBSCOhost or Gale database, or copy and paste from a website. But you should, because copyright violators can and do get caught, and the punishment can be up to several thousand dollars and/or jail time. Sometimes, you can legally make copies, and sometimes it is always illegal–like pirating music and movies. Even faculty need to know what they can and can’t do, because copyright laws affect everyone.

Usually, making copies and duplicates of anything that’s in a fixed, tangible form is a violation of copyright. However, some things can’t be copyrighted (ideas and thoughts, works in the public domain, lists, recipes–though companies often trademark these under a different set of laws). And sometimes, for educational and research purposes, you can make limited copies of certain things, like printing out one copy of an article from a database or photocopying a few pages from a book. This falls under a section of copyright law known as Fair Use, and it lets students and faculty use copyrighted materials under certain circumstances. Use the Ancilla College Fair Use Checklist to see if you can print or make copies of something. (We don’t mind you printing out copies of this, so feel free to use it whenever you need to!)

For more information on copyright, please see the following pages:

Copyright Issues and You
Ancilla College Copyright Policy (why we follow copyright laws)
Copyright Guidelines (what to do, when to do it, and how much to use)
Copyright FAQ for Students
Copyright FAQ for Instructors
Common Copyright Terms
Fair Use

The library director is head of the Ancilla College Copyright Committee, and questions about copyright can be sent to her here

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