Course Reserves

Course Reserves are class-specific, instructor-approved lists of print, media, and web resources you can use in your class and/or research. Print and media owned by the library will be behind the library desk; ask library staff for help.  Web resources are linked; click the View Now link to go right to the resource. When more than one list is available–based on different instructors’ preferences–instructor names are provided to help you figure out which list is specific to your class.  Some spaces are intentionally blank to allow for easier editing as more classes are added, and some classes won’t have links; we are awaiting updated information on those, so please be patient.

Find your class below and click.  Course Reserves are available for:

ACCT 110: Financial Accounting ACCT 120: Managerial Accounting ART 125: Appreciation of Art
ASTR 110: General Astronomy BADM 160: Personal Finance BADM 210: Business Law
BADM 220: Business Ethics BIOL 110: The Human Body
BIOL 114: Biological Concepts for Elementary Teachers BIOL 122/124: Principles of Biology I & II BIOL 252/254: Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II
BIOL 270: Microbiology BIOL 275: Genetics BIOL 285: Humans and Environment
BIOL 286: Ecology BUS 240: Logistics & Supply Chain Management
CHEM 110: Chemistry for Health Professionals CHEM 120/121: General Chemistry I & II CIS 135: Computer Literacy
COMM 100: Introduction to Mass Communication COMM 115: Public Speaking COMM 215: Interpersonal Communication
COMM 240: Cinema History CRJU 155: Introduction to Corrections CRJU 250: Criminal Law and Procedure
DEVE 010/012: Reading Concepts DEVE 015: Writing Concepts DEVM 025/035: Developmental Math
ECON 250: Microeconomics ECON 251: Macroeconomics  ED 250: Educational Psychology
ED 256: Human Growth and Development ED 261: The Child in Family, Culture, and Community ED 262: Communication and Emergent Literacy
ENGL 110: Writing I ENGL 212: Writing II ENGL 220/221: World Literature I & II
ENGL 222/223: American Literature I & II HIST 144: History of the United States to 1877 HIST 145: History of the United States since 1877
HIST 240: Cinema History HIST 255: World Civilization: Preliterate Times to 1660 HIST 256: World Civilization: Since 1660
HIST 275: Studies in Presidential History HIST 290: History of American Women HPER 259: Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
HUM 101-1: Freshman Seminar (Sam Boys–not active Spring 2015) HUM 101-1: Freshman Seminar (Connie Disbro, online) HUM 101-2: Freshman Seminar (Jim Cawthon)
HUM 101-4: Freshman Seminar (Connie Disbro, on campus–not active Spring 2015)  HUM 101-9: Freshman Seminar (Tom Robbins–not active Spring 2015) HUM 102: 1, 2: Freshman Foundations (Inge Kirk–not active Spring 2015)
MATH 102: Mathematics for Early Childhood MATH 104: Intermediate Algebra MATH 105/106/107: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers 1-3
MATH 110: College Algebra MATH 215: Statistics  Math 230: Calculus I
MGT 210: Principles of Management MKT 220: Principles of Marketing
MUS 125: Appreciation of Music NURS 101: Introduction to Professional Nursing NURS 110: Fundamentals of Nursing
NURS 111/202/203: Medical-Surgical Nursing NURS 161/262/263/264: Pharmacology NURS 240: Nursing Issues, Trends and Ethics
NUTR 110: Nutrition PHIL 115: Introduction to Philosophy PHIL 155: Ethics
 PSCI 160: American National Government PSY 115: General Psychology (Peggy Frick) PSY 115: General Psychology (Amanda Hirsch)
PSY 220: Social Psychology PSY 250: Educational Psychology PSY 256: Human Growth and Development
PSY 265: Abnormal Psychology REL 152: Study of World Religions SOC 140: Introduction to Sociology
SOC 160: Social Problems SOC 170: Culture and Society SOC 220: Social Psychology
SOC 265: Marriage and the Family  SOC 291: Sociology of the Aging

General Nursing Resources–not class specific

 Nursing Test Prep Reserves–not class specific

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