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Welcome, Ancilla College students!  This is your portal to learning how to search the EBSCOhost databases for magazine and journal articles.  Each section encompasses a different aspect of searching, from the very basics (how the heck do I find them?) to the very specific (how do I get citations?).

This page is sort of a prep page; there are a few things you’ll need to access the various materials.  First, obviously, is an Internet connection.  Got that?  Of course you have, or you wouldn’t be able to see this page!  Let’s see what else you’ll need….

To access databases off-campus, you’ll need your library barcode number, found on the front of your student ID, and the first 5 letters of your last name.  If you’ve changed your name but didn’t tell a librarian, you may need to use your old name.

Headphones or speakers if you want the audio elements.

The animations use Flash; please be aware that Apple products (iPhone, iPad, etc.) don’t usually support Flash, so the animations won’t play on these devices.  Animations and videos may be slow to load through dial-up connections.

YouTube optimum settings:

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For Closed Captioning, please click CC.   These are high definition recordings–please change your settings to 1080p for best results.  For a full-screen view, click the far right corner.

 If you have everything you need, you can click here to go to the introduction page to get some basic information about database searching and the design of this tutorial, or you can go straight to the tutorial module of your choice:

Searching Simplified introduction
Module 1: Simple Search (choosing your database and a very basic search)
Module 2: Boolean Searching (using AND, OR, and NOT to combine search terms)
Module 3: Limiters (limit your search by date, full text, and peer-review)
Module 4: Search Tips (using subject terms and abstracts, citations, and email functions)
Module 5: MeSH (Medical Subject Headings–for nursing students)

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