Ancilla Learning Portfolio

ancilla portfolio

The Ancilla Learning Portfolio is a collection of the artifacts and reflections by students that illustrate their development and experience at Ancilla.

Every Ancilla student will create a collection of materials and write reflections about how those materials illustrate their development and growth as learners. This portfolio of student learning will be reviewed by instructors and advisers at several stages of your studies at Ancilla.

The portfolio is an online website created while you are a student at Ancilla using the free tool: Google Sites.   The portfolio is a collection of your papers, projects, lab reports, plans and other materials you have completed in your courses. You will have already received a grade for the artifacts you select, because they were assignments or projects you worked on in a class. You are not re-writing, you will not have to recreate anything.

You will have to select the best of your work that represents each Core Value at Ancilla. For each of the eight Core Values you will select an artifact that shows your knowledge and skill that best represents your learning and development.

Once you have selected an artifact for each Core Value you then write a reflection essay that describes the artifact, links your work to the Core Value and explains how working on the artifact helped you develop new knowledge or skills.

Also included in the portfolio is a resume– a two page summary of your experience and skill set. The resume is a requirement for the portfolio, but it will also be helpful to you when you are looking for employment, internships or applying to other schools.

The portfolio will be completed in a draft version at the end of your Freshman year at Ancilla and reviewed by an adviser  They will give you early feedback and help on the reflection essays and perhaps help you choose artifacts that better represent the Core Values.

Prior to graduation you will submit a final portfolio to be reviewed by faculty in your program area and staff who will assess your overall development while at Ancilla. Click here for the Ancilla College Portfolio Guide.

Portfolio Requirements

  • Eight reflection essays (written as web page posts)
  • Eight artifacts (attached to each Core Value webpage)
  • An introduction
  • Your current resume


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