Artifacts and reflections

student portfoliosAncilla College is committed to students developing self-reflection skills as part of their education here and in future learning.

The Ancilla Portfolio is your collection of materials and reflections that tell the story of your education and development. Gathering important artifacts of your work and experience is part of a process where you look back over what you have done and where you are going.

The portfolio is evidence of your skill and knowledge – evidence that you have worked on and improved your understanding in each core value area. Use specific examples (artifacts) from your coursework, lab and field experiences and student activities to prove your competency.

Artifacts are your work: Your assignments, term papers, projects, speeches, lab reports and any materials you created for learning at Ancilla College. Keep you work!  Save your assignments and projects on a flash drive, on your home computer and anywhere you have permanent storage.

You will choose an artifact to represent your work and learning to represent each Core Value. With each artifact you will write a reflection that ties together your artifact and the Core Value it represents.

Your reflections should describe what you have done, what you have learned, what skills you developed and how the core values of the College are reflected in your work.

Your reflections tell others about what each core value means and how your selection of artifacts illustrates your growth and development. Explain why you chose a particular artifact to demonstrate a specific value. You may use one artifact for more than one competency, but you must clearly explain how the artifact supports your development in each competency area.

Reflections are not fiction

Take the time to write an honest reflection about how the artifact illustrates your growth over time at Ancilla. Your artifacts should represent your best work, not perfection.

Write the reflection as soon as possible after completing the artifact in whatever course you are working in. If you’ve just finished a term paper or business plan and you know you want to include it in your portfolio, write the reflection then, when it’s still fresh in your mind. If your received a less than wonderful grade on an artifact, but learned a great deal from the experience, explain it—tell your story.

Your education is not ending at Ancilla. The last sentence in each reflection should project into the future with a specific plan to improve your knowledge in each core value.  Describe your specific need for learning as a goal, not some dream of a perfect future. Describe a realistic plan to build real knowledge and skill to support your goals and your personal and professional development.

For information on creating your online portfolio, click here.