Early Bird at Ancilla

Accelerate into college with Early Bird status at Ancilla

Ancilla College is now offering Northern Indiana high school students an incredible advantage. As an Early Bird student you can take classes at Ancilla that will build college credits while you are still in high school.

That’s right—as a high school student, you could be earning college credits that can be used as the foundation for a career, or as a launching pad to a traditional undergraduate degree elsewhere.

Many graduating seniors are struggling with a more difficult admissions environment at large institutions. Today you face steeply rising tuition, costly housing, extra fees and other college costs.  Ancilla’s Early Bird program can help you build college-level experience, improve learning skills, and start your college degree on a positive note.  You can start a four year degree with core courses already completed—a leap to the head of the line.

Ancilla College offers 18 real-world degrees– two-year degrees, in nursing and the health sciences, business administration, criminal justice and more — that help students move from ‘some day’ to success.  Students transferring to four-year universities are more successful, and more prepared to be successful. Ancilla offers built-in student support services and tutoring in math, college writing, and core learning skills. Plus, Ancilla courses and degrees transfer to every public and private university in Indiana.

Those two key differences—focused, transferable coursework and a dedication to student support—are the essential difference our graduates tell us about again and again. With just under 500 students we promise you won’t get lost in the crowd.

A dramatically lower tuition cost

Early Bird tuition costs are only $125 a credit hour at Ancilla.  This is a drastic reduction in tuition that will save you money now and in future years when transferring to another university. Ancilla is now the best choice for students facing the most difficult road to educational success and we are right here in your backyard, ready to help.

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