English Instructor position

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STATUS:                     Full-time Position
SALARY RANGE:     Dependent upon experience and degree
REPORTS TO:            Division Chair & Dean of Academic and Student Services

PRIMARY PURPOSE: To teach college-level English courses


  1. Teach a range of English courses to students; courses may include World and American literature, basic composition, creative writing, journalism, drama, writing for media, and special topics.
  2. Teach course information to students in groups and individually using instructional methodology appropriate to the audience and to the subject (e.g. lecture, demonstration, group discussion, technology-enhanced delivery, computer-assisted delivery, and distance delivery). Must be able to explain and deliver materials in a variety of ways to meet the needs of a broad range of learning abilities.
  3. Academic advising of students as assigned. Meet with assigned students at least once each term to assist students in determining goals, inform students of program and degree requirements, review student schedules and progress, refer students to needed services. Will maintain records of advising sessions to include dates of meetings, student major or goals, student progress, and other pertinent information.
  4. Curriculum development and modification by working with the division director, or appropriate associate dean and other faculty members in developing or modifying course content, course objectives, standards, and instructional methods.
  5. Design supplemental teaching materials. Faculty are responsible for developing and designing materials to enhance and supplement classroom instruction including, but not limited to, various forms of audio-visual materials, handouts, graphics, exercises and material to be placed in the learning hub and other teaching materials, and for checking all materials used for quality and suitability.
  6. Create a course syllabus for each course taught which includes, but is not limited to, course objectives, course structure, materials to be covered, grading criteria, due dates for materials, exam dates, and office hours.
    1. Maintain weekly records of course attendance online.
    2. Evaluate students’ performance and document performance weekly. Turn in grades according to college policy and procedure.
    3. Responsible for program assessment and participation in institution-wide assessment activities.
    4. Demonstrate continued professional growth by staying current in and expanding knowledge of subject area through a plan of professional development submitted to the Division Director and the Dean of Instruction concurrent with evaluation.
    5. Monitor program performance, develops goals to maintain program at a level of excellence that meets institutional, state, and accreditation standards.
    6. All faculty are expected to participate in and provide information necessary for the recruitment of students into their programs, and the marketing of courses, programs, and the college.  This may include travel and working with students and faculty in high schools, colleges and other institutions, and public and private agencies.


  1. Use of computers for administrative tasks (including word processing, advising and student record keeping, Internet applications) and instructional purposes (including computer lab, student response systems, and Internet applications).
  2. Attend conferences and professional meetings to remain current in the field.
  3. Attend student honor convocation and graduation ceremonies each year.
  4. Development of non-traditional delivery strategies (especially individualized and distance learning) and formats for education (e.g. workshops, community discussion groups, etc.)
  5. Faculty members serve on Faculty Senate subcommittees, search committees, assessment committees, and other ad hoc committees as requested and/or appointed.


Individuals must possess the following knowledge, skills, and abilities or be able to explain and demonstrate that they can perform the essential function of the job, with or without reasonable accommodations, using some other combination of skills and abilities.

  1. Knowledge and ability to instruct various audiences, both individuals and groups, taking in account various modalities and methods.
  2. Knowledge and ability to instruct students of different age groups and backgrounds.
  3. Ability to evaluate student progress both empirically and holistically and to prescribe and develop curriculum materials for individuals and classes.
  4. Ability to communicate effectively in English, both orally (in one-on-one and group settings) and in writing, which includes the ability to restate at various language levels, to simplify, and to use demonstrations which reframe the previous knowledge and concrete experience.
  5. Willingness to teach on a flexible schedule as required (includes evenings, weekends and /or summers).
  6. Ability and commitment to use different instructional methods and technologies (including lecture, discussion group, student presentation formats, and audio visual and computer technologies).


Position may require the employee to lift up to 35 pounds unassisted, stand for several hours at a time during work shift, stooping, crouching and bending, and other similar functions while performing essential and marginal job functions.  All individuals are required to be able to perform these movements without a significant risk of injury, with or without accommodation, or to otherwise demonstrate or explain how they can perform the functions listed above.



  1. Education: A Master’s degree in the instructional area of the teaching assignment is required for faculty teaching courses with transfer credit.
  2. Experience: Three years of teaching experience or the equivalent of one year full-time teaching at the college level in a part-time position.


  1.  Preference given to applicants with demonstrated learning and success in adult instruction.
  2.  Preference given to applicants with community college experience.

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