Faculty & Staff

Faculty and Staff at Ancilla College are professionals who work and teach in your community. Our instructors work with over administrative and support staff to provide personal, engaging, interactive learning experiences in classrooms, online and in clinical environments.

Emailing the staff and faculty at Ancilla College is easy.  Type in the person’s first name.last name then @ Ancilla.edu   (example: adam.smith@ancilla.edu)

Ancilla College
Mail                        PO Box 1, Donaldson, IN 46513
Physical                9601 Union Road, Plymouth, IN 46563

Phone                   574-936-8898
Toll-free              866-262-4552

New Employees: Get password from the vice president of academic and student affairs office and click here: http://ancillacollege.weebly.com/


Faculty & Staff

Name and Title Credentials Phone Extension Room Number
Office of the President
Dr. Kenneth Zirkle B.A., Edinboro State College; M.A., Rutgers University; Ed.D., The Pennsylvania State University 385 C101
Diana Caldwell
Executive Assistant
A.S., Ancilla College; B.S., Calumet College of St. Joseph. 385 C101
Office Of The Dean Of Academic & Student Services
Dr. Joanna F. Blount
Vice President of Academic & Student Services
A.A., Matanuska-Susitna College; B.A., University of Alaska; M.A., Slippery Rock University; Ed.D, Oregon State University. 322 C106
Amy Pratt
Assistant to the VP of
Academic & Student Services
322 C108
Rhonda Arvesen
Secretary for the Department of Nursing & Health Sciences
A.S., Ancilla College. 327 C136
Diane L. Endres
Instructional Technologist, CIS Instructor, &
Moodle Administrator
A.S. Lake Michigan College; B.A. Siena Heights University; M.A.Ed., Michigan State University [2004] 367 C112D
Cassaundra Bash
Director of Library Services
B.S., Ball State University; M.L.S., Indiana University- Purdue
University Indianapolis.
323 C200C
Karen Lopez
Reference Librarian/Registration Specialist
A.A. Ball State University.  323/321 C200B/110C
Lora Vieting
Library Assistant
Business Management Certificate, Ancilla College. 323 C200C
Office Of Athletics
Robert “Gene” Reese
Director of Athletics and Athletic Fundraising
B.S., Florida State University. 348 Annex
Aaron Butcher
Men’s Basketball Coach and Adjunct Instructor
B.S., Indiana Wesleyan University.
Dave Jacobs
Soccer Coach and Admissions Counselor
397 C134
Tom Robbins
Women’s Basketball Coach and Academic/Athletic Advisor
B.S., Manchester University.  336 C127
Scott Reese
Athletic Compliance Officer/Sports Information
Director/Softball Coach
B.A., Bethel College. 354 Annex
Kaylee King
Asst. Sports Information Director/Asst. to Athletic
Director/Cheerleading Coach
384 Annex
Lana Singleton
Athletic/Academic Advisor and Volleyball Coach 353 C218
B.P.E., Purdue University; M.S.Ed., Indiana University. 353 C218
Marc Green
Golf Coach and Field Maintenance Director
346 C129
Joe Yonto
Baseball Coach and Field Maintenance 380 Annex
B.S., Indiana State University. 380 Annex
Office Of The Registrar
Tiffany FisherRegistrar A.S., B.S., Indiana Wesleyan University. 393 C110A
Dia Cooper
Division Chair Administrative Assistant/Registration Specialist
A.S., Ashworth College. 321 C110
Karen Lopez
Reference Librarian/Registration Specialist
A.A. Ball State University.  323/321 C200B/110C
Center For Student Achievement
Jim Cawthon
Director of the Center for Student Achievement
B.A., Greenville College. 350 C222
Connie Disbro
ADA Coordinator
B.S., Trine University; M.B.A., Indiana University-Purdue University
Fort Wayne
364 C202
Ingeborg Kirk
Center for Student Achievement Advisor
A.S., Ancilla College; B.S., Calumet College of St. Joseph; M.S.M., Indiana Wesleyan University. 377 C214
Jill Neidlinger
Center for Student Achievement Advisor
A.S., Ancilla College; B.S., Indiana University South Bend; M.Ed., Olivet Nazarene University. 369 C216
Kristin Rust
Assistant to the ADA Coordinator 373 C204
B.A., Indiana University South Bend. 373 C204
Lana Singleton
Athletic/Academic Advisor and Volleyball Coach
B.P.E., Purdue University; M.S.Ed., Indiana University. 353 C218
Office of Enrollment
Eric Wignall
Vice President of Enrollment Management
B.S., Indiana State University; M.A., University of Essex. 330 C105F
Chalee Jensen
Office Coordinator
330 C105
Sarah Lawrence
Assistant Director of Admissions
B.L.S., Purdue University North Central. 396 C105A
Kelly Manning
Admissions Counselor
B.A., Hanover College. 375 C105C
Ericka Taylor-Joseph
Admissions Counselor
B.A., Purdue University. 326 C105B
Katherine Mills
Director of Financial Aid
B.S., Rockford College. 349 C105E
Marcella Hopple
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
A.S., Ancilla College; B.S., Calumet College of St. Joseph. 307 C105G
Office Of Finance & Administration
Michael Brown
Vice President of Finance & Administration
B.S., Benedictine University; M.B.A., Loyola University. 341 C111A
June Deisch
Business Office Clerk
370 C111A
Raymond Girres
Director of Business Affairs
B.S., Minnesota State University at Mankato. 372 C211B
Eric Ivacic
Desktop & Web Support Specialist
MCSE,MCP: Microsoft, A+,I+. 388 C142
Tena LadeAssistant Bookstore Manager 344 C121
John Linback
Director of Information Technology
MCSE: Microsoft, CCNA: Cisco, CNE: Novell. 748 C142A
Tom Nowak
Director of Building Maintenance
A.S., Ancilla College, CHSP, Wastewater Class II, Drinking Water WT3 & DSL. 776 C123D
Bill Zehner
776 C132D
Office Of Development
Todd Zeltwanger
Executive Director of Institutional Advancement
B.S., Purdue University. 345 C112
Tom Sibal
Associate Director of Institutional Advancement and Alumni Relations
B.A., Indiana University. 355 C112A
Office Of Mission Integration
Sr. Jolise May
PHJC Coordinator of Mission Integration and Campus
B.A. Alverno College; M. A. Purdue University Calumet. Additional
Studies: Loyola University.
361 C210
Full-Time Faculty Members
Elizabeth Bailey
Interim Instructor of Nursing
A.S.N., Ivy Tech Community College; B.S.N., Ball State University.; M.S.N., Indiana Wesleyan University. [2012] 395 C136
Kristy Banks
Instructor of Biology
B.S., M.S. Purdue University; M.B.A. University of Phoenix. [2013] 331 240
Patricia BawcumAssistant Professor of Nursing B.S.N., Indiana University; M.S.N. Valparaiso University. [2005] 352 C136
Rev. Dr. Samuel A. Boys
Professor of Philosophy and Religion
B.A., DePauw University; M.Div., Eden Theological Seminary; D. Min., United Theological Seminary. [1997] 362 C128
Dr. Thomas W. Buchanan
Professor of History
B.S., M.A., Ph.D, Ball State University.[1992] 328 C129B
Cynthia Cawthon
Instructor of English
B.A., Greenville College. [1999] 301 C206
Chelsea Chalk
Assistant Professor of Communication
B.A., St. Mary’s College; M.A., Purdue University. [2010] 357 C219
Nadine A. Nufer
Instructor of Nursing
347 C136
Ann Fitzgerald
Assistant Professor of Nursing; Chair, Division of Nursing and Health Sciences
A.S., Purdue North Central; B.S.N., Bethel; M.S.N/F.N.P, Indiana University-Purdue University; Certified Nurse Educator. [2004] 379 C129C
John Gough
Assistant Professor of Business
B.A., M.B.A., Indiana University. [2005] 303 C129D
Kathy Gulliver
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
A.A., A.S., Lake Michigan College; B.A., Siena Heights University; M.A., Western Michigan University. [2005] 338 C141
Kristin R. Korcha
Associate Professor of Science; Chair, Division of Science, Mathematics & IT
B.A. University of Illinois; M.S. Purdue University. [2004] 378 C241
Chad KebrdleAssociate Professor of English B.S., Ball State University; M.A., Indiana University-Kokomo [2014] 368 C208
Jill Neidlinger
Assistant Professor Mathematics and Developmental
A.S., Ancilla College; B.S., Indiana University South Bend; M.Ed. Olivet Nazarene University.[2000] 369 C216
Sam Soliman
Instructor of Behavioral Science, Chair, Division of History, Education, Business & Behavioral Science
B.A., Bethel College; M.P.A., Indiana University South Bend; M.Divinity, Yale University. [2009] 366 C220
Joel ThomasInstructor of English, Chair, Division of Humanities A.S., Southwestern Michigan College; B.G.S., University of Nebraska Omaha; M.A., University of Nebraska Omaha. [2008] 359 C129C
Aaron Butcher
Exercise Science
B.S., Indiana Wesleyan University. [2012] C134 336
Karen Carswell
Computer Information Systems
B.A., Purdue University; M.S., University of Phoenix. [2011] 323 C200D
Marilyn Coby
B.S., Indiana State University; M.S., University of Notre Dame. [2010] C141 338
Connie Disbro
Freshman Seminar
B.S, Tri-State University; M.B.A., Indiana University-Purdue University
Fort Wayne. [2012]
364 C202
William Dorsey
Business Administration
B.S., Manchester College; M.Ed., Indiana University. [2006] 323 C200D
Suellyn Early
B.S., Illinois State University; M.A., St. Xavier University. [2008] 323 C200D
Byron Luke Felde
B.A., Vanderbilt University; M.F.S., Yale University; M.A.T., abst,
Muskingum University [2014]
323 C200D
Dr. Peggy Frick
B.S., Indiana University Bloomington & IUSB South Bend; M.A., Ph.D., Andrews University [2008] 323 C200D
Dale Hierlmeier
Health Sciences
B.S., Indiana University; M.S., Indiana University. [2008] 323 C200D
Amanda Hirsch
B.A., Saint Mary’s College; M.S., Indiana University South Bend. [2004] 323 C200D
Inge Kirk
Freshman Seminar
A.S., Ancilla College; B.S., Calumet College of St. Joseph; M.S.M, Indiana Wesleyan University [2006] 377 C214
Adam LukenbillBusiness Law B.A., Purdue University; M.Phil, University of Cambridge; J.D., Indiana University School of Law.[2010] 323 C200D
Sandra Ringer
B.A., Purdue North Central; M.S.W., Andrews University. [2013] 323 C200D
George Schaefer
323 C200D
John Schneider
Business Administration & Logistics
A.A.S., Purdue University; B.S., Purdue University; M.B.A., University of
Evansville. [2001]
323 C200D
Dana Thomas
Business Law/Criminal Justice
B.A., University of San Diego; J.D., Thomas Jefferson School of Law. [2009] 323 C200D
Steve VanDerAa
Criminal Justice
B.A., P.C.T., Bob Jones University. [1997] 323 C200D
Janice Weaver
B.S., St. Francis College; M.S., Indiana University. [2010] 332 C241
Steve White
Computer Information Systems
A.S., Taylor University; B.S., Indiana Wesleyan University; M.B.A., Indiana
Wesleyan University. [2009]
323 C200D
Clara Woolley
B.S., Manchester College; M.S., Indiana State University. [1974 365 C239