Faculty & Staff

Faculty and Staff at Ancilla College are professionals who work and teach in your community. Our instructors work with over administrative and support staff to provide personal, engaging, interactive learning experiences in classrooms, online and in clinical environments.

Emailing the staff and faculty at Ancilla College is easy.  Type in the person’s first name.last name then @ Ancilla.edu   (example: adam.smith@ancilla.edu)

Ancilla College
Mail                        PO Box 1, Donaldson, IN 46513
Physical                9601 Union Road, Plymouth, IN 46563

Phone                   574-936-8898
Toll-free              866-262-4552

Faculty & Staff

Arvesen, Rhonda              327              Nursing Administrative Asst.

Bash, Cassaundra              323              Librarian

Beason, Stephanie            398                Women’s Basketball Coach/Adjunct

Blount, Joanna                  322/376     Dean, Academic & Student Services

Brown, Mike                      341                  Executive Director Business Office

Butcher, Aaron                  336                Men’s Basketball Coach/Advising Center

Caldwell, Diana                 385                  President’s Assistant

Cawthon, Jim                    350                   Director of Student Services

Bachelder, Judy                 306                 Nursing Faculty

Cooper, Dia                       321/342          Registration Ass’t/Div. Secretary

Buchanan, Dr. Thomas    328                 History Faculty, Faculty Senate Chair

Diesch, June                       370                 Business Office Ass’t.

Bailey, Beth                       305                   Nursing Faculty

Disbro, Connie                  364                   ADA Coordinator

Banks, Kristy                      331                   Science Faculty

Bawcum, Pat                     352                    Nursing Faculty

Boys, Rev. Dr. Sam           362                  Religion & Philosophy Faculty

Cawthon, Cynthia              301                  English Faculty, PTK Advisor

Chalk, Chelsea                   357                    Communication Faculty

Clark, Kelly                         347                    Nursing Faculty

Coby, Marilyn                    329                    Math Adjunct Instructor

Endres, Diane                    367                    Instructional Technologist

Fisher, Tiffany                   393/325          Registrar

Fitzgerald, Ann                  379                    Nursing/Health Sciences Chair

Girres, Ray                         372                      Business Office Director

Gough, John                      303                      Business Faculty

Gulliver, Kathy                   338                    Math Faculty

Hall, Adam                         397                     Soccer Coach/Education Adjunct

Hayden, Marc                    346                    Men’s Golf Coach/Field Maintenance

Hopple, Marcella               307                  Ass’t. Financial Aid Dir.

Ivacic, Eric                          388                    Desktop & Web Support Specialist

Jensen, Chalee                   330                    Admissions Office Coordinator

Kirk, Inge                            377                     Advising Center Advisor

Korcha, Kristin                   378                    Chair, Science & Technology Division

Kribs, Roba                         368                     English Faculty

Lade, Tena                         344                       Bookstore Clerk

Lawrence, Sarah               396                     Assistant Director of Admissions

Linback, John                     748                    Director, Technology Services

Manning, Kelly                  375                     Admissions Counselor

Mills, Kathy                        349                       Financial Aid Director

Neidlinger, Jill                    369                     Dev. Math/Advising Center Advisor

Nowak, Tom                      776                       Facilities Manager

Petrucelli, Amanda         322                       Academic Dean Assistant

Soliman, Sam                     366                       Chair HEBBS Division; Beh. Science Faculty

Thomas, Joel                     359                       Chair, Humanities Division; English Faculty

Reese, Gene                      348                         Athletics Director

Reese, Scott                      354                        Women’s Softball Coach/Ass’t. Ath. Dir.

Rush, MaryAnn                  384                       Cheerleading/Sports Info/Athletic Admin.

Rust, Kristin                        373                       Advising Center/Lab

Shelhart, Carrie                 343                       Graphics Coordinator

Sibal, Tom                          355                         Institutional Advancement/Alumni Coordinator

Singleton, Lana                 353                       Volleyball Coach/Advising Center

Taylor-Joseph, Ericka      326                    Admissions Counselor

Vieting, Lora                      323                       Assistant Librarian

Weaver, Janice                 332                       Chemistry Adjunct

Woolley, Clara                  365                       Music Adjunct Instructor

Wignall, Eric                      339                       Executive Director of Admissions

Wrasman, Sr. Carleen      361                      Mission Integration

Yonto, Joe                          380                       Baseball Coach/Field Maintenance

Zeltwanger, Todd             345                       Executive Director of Institutional Advancement