ancilla communication media

Whether you are writing posts for your blog, tweeting about current news, managing others, designing a media release for your company, or writing articles for a traditional magazine or news organization, you need the sharpest skills and widest knowledge base. Ancilla College’s Communication program is designed for you.

The goal of the program is to prepare you to express yourself clearly, both in speaking and writing. Graduates of the program will know how to interact with small groups and large groups and in one-on-one situations. The Communication degree will prepare you for a changing world where public relations, human resources, advertising, management, journalism, broadcasting, and online media change every day.

Why Communication?

Ancilla College offers an Associate Degree with a concentration in Communication. This degree is designed to prepare students who want to pursue a career in the dynamic fields of Public Relations,  Journalism,  Broadcasting or Communication in general. Your degree will also prepare you for advanced courses at a senior institution.

Career Options…

Journalism Advertising Marketing
Broadcasting Corporate Training New Media Design
Small Business Management Human Resources Labor Relations

What courses are offered?

First semester courses usually include:

HUM 101 Freshman Seminar 1 credit hour
COMM 115 Public Speaking –  3 cr. hrs.
CS 135 Computer Literacy – 3 cr. hrs.
ENGL 110 Writing I – 3 cr. hrs.
SOC 140 Introduction to Sociology – 3 cr. hrs.
Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology or Sociology Course* – 3 cr. hrs

Second semester courses usually include:

ENGL 212 Writing II -  3 cr. hrs.
COMM 215 Interpersonal Communication -  3 cr. hrs.
Laboratory Science Course -  5 cr. hrs.
Fine Arts or Language Course -  3 cr. hrs.
Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology or Sociology Course* -  3 cr. hrs.

Third semester courses usually include:

COMM/HIST 240 Cinema History* -  3 cr. hrs.
Literature Course -  3 cr. hrs.
MATH 110 College Algebra -  3 cr. hrs.
Religion or Philosophy Course –  3 cr. hrs.
ENGL/JOUR 200 Journalism I: Writing for Media or  COMM 230 Small Group Communication*** -  3 cr. hrs.

Fourth Semester

Literature Course 3
Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology or Sociology Course*  -  3 cr. hrs.
ENGL/JOUR 250 Journalism II: Emerging Media or COMM 254 Advertising***  -  3 cr. hrs.
COMM 299 Communication Internship -  3 cr. hrs.
Choice of Course** -  3 cr. hrs.

Concentration Total: 18 credit hours
General Education Requirements: 45 credit hours

* At least three areas must be represented. COMM/HIST 240 is a required general elective course.
** Choice of course from opposite Communication track -OR- choice of other select courses. Consult your advisor for options.
*** ENGL/JOUR 200, ENGL/JOUR 250 are requirements for the degree with a specialization in the Mass Media Track.
COMM 230 and COMM 254 are requirements for the degree with a specialization in the Communication Studies Track.