Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education (Associate of Applied Science or Associate of Science)

Early Childhood Education @ Ancilla – Learning to teach and teaching to learn

The Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education prepares students to work in a variety of educational and child care settings including preschool, day care, private kindergarten and as a para-professional in the public schools. This degree offers you a foundation of knowledge and practical experience in classroom and field experiences.

If you are committed to making a difference in young children’s lives early childhood education will open the door to developmental teaching, physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development for children with different learning styles and characteristics. You will learn developmentally appropriate practices and gain firsthand knowledge of early childhood teaching and learning.

Suggested Schedule of Classes

(Concentration requirements in bold)

First Semester Credits

HUM 101 Freshman Seminar – 1 credit hours
ENGL 110 Writing I – 3 cr. hrs.
COMM 115 Public Speaking – 3 cr. hrs.
CS 135 Computer Literacy – 3 cr. hrs.
PSY 115 General Psychology –  3 cr. hrs.
ED 205 Intro to Early Childhood Ed –  3 cr. hrs.

Second Semester

ENGL 212 Writing II –  3 cr. hrs.
ED 260 Curriculum Development -  3 cr. hrs.
ED 261 Child in Family, Culture, Community –  3 cr. hrs.
Religion or Philosophy Course* –  3 cr. hrs.
Humanities Course * 3 cr. hrs.

Third Semester Credits

MATH/ED 102 Math for Early Childhood –  3 cr. hrs.
ED/PSY 256 Human Growth & Development 3 cr. hrs.
ED 258 Intro to Exceptional Children 3 cr. hrs.
ED 265 Learning Environments 3 cr. hrs.
Social/Behavioral Science Course ** 3 cr. hrs.

Fourth Semester

BIOL 114 Bio Concepts for Elem Teachers 5 cr. hrs.
ED 262 Communication & Emergent Literacy 3 cr. hrs.
ED 266 Practicum in Early Childhood/ Professionalism 4 cr. hrs.
ED 295 Specific Topics in Education 1-3 cr. hrs.
Concentration Elective  -  3 cr. hrs.

Concentration Requirements: 29-31 credit hours
General Education Requirements: 33 credit hours
ASSOCIATE DEGREE TOTAL: 62-64 credit hours

*Humanities Course choices: ART 125 Art Appreciation, MUS 125 Music Appreciation, Literature, Modern Language, Philosophy or Religion
**Social/Behavioral Science choices: SOC 140 Introduction to Sociology, PSCI 160 American National Government, ECON 250 Macroeconomics, or History
***Course of student’s choice with approval of advisor

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