Environmental Technology

environmental tech, green techEnvironmental Science (Associate of Science Degree)

The Environmental Technology program offers an array of classes dealing with how science relates to the natural world. The primary importance of a basic understanding of science is stressed while focusing on the recognition of current topics in science and how they affect our everyday lives.

The goals of the Environmental Technology program are to provide required general education courses for the student body at large, and to provide a basic knowledge of science appropriate for a foundation for continuing in any of the sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, geology, astronomy, or agriculture) upon transfer to a senior institution. These courses are designed to teach and develop scientific methods as a form of critical analysis of problems and phenomena and/or develop the use of mathematical analysis to solve quantitative problems.

Why Environmental Technology?

There are also many bachelor degree programs available such as Environmental Science, and Environmental Biology that the associate in Environmental Technology can prepare you for.

  • Wind farm or water reclamation technician
  • Environmental Advocate
  • Natural Resource Conservation Specialist
  • Environmental Lab Technician
  • Environmental Consultant

Suggested Schedule of Classes

Concentration requirements in bold type

First Semester

COMM 115 Public Speaking –  3 credit hours
CS 135 Computer Literacy  -  3 cr. hrs.
ENGL 110 Writing I -  3 cr. hrs.
HUM 101 Freshman Seminar -  1 cr. hr.
PSC 110 Geosystems of the Earth -  5-  cr. hrs.

Second Semester

ENGL 212 Writing II –  3 cr. hrs.
HIST 145 History of the U.S. Since 1877 -  3 cr. hrs.
MATH 110 College Algebra ** -  3 cr. hrs.
PSY 115 General Psychology -  3 cr. hrs.
286 BIOL Ecology –  5 cr. hrs.

Third Semester

Literature Course –  3 cr. hrs.
BADM 160 Personal Finance -  3 cr. hrs.
PHIL 115 Introduction to Philosophy -  3 cr. hrs.
REL 152 Study of World Religions -  3 cr. hrs.
CHEM 120 General Chemistry I -  5 cr. hrs.

Fourth Semester

BIOL 270 Microbiology -  5 cr. hrs.
BIOL 295 Topics in Environmental Science * -  3 cr. hrs.
CHEM 121 General Chemistry II -  5 cr. hrs.

Concentration Requirements: 18 credit hours
General Education Requirements: 44 credit hours


* Or other concentration elective with instructor approval
** MATH 230, Calculus (5 cr.), is suggested for transfer to Calumet College of St. Joseph