Logistics and Inventory Systems

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Logistics & Inventory Systems(Associate of Science)

Everything you drink, eat, and wear is delivered to you from somewhere else—sometimes half a world away. Logistics is the systematic design and management of the many ways you connect to and the world.  A degree in logistics and inventory systems provides you with the tools and skills you need to understand the way the world moves, ships, stores, and delivers goods. An Associate’s degree in logistics from Ancilla is the best way to launch your career in this fast growing field.

Ancilla College’s location, literally surrounded by transportation and distribution centers, is in the road, rail, and shipping nexus of the Crossroads of America. Today, logistics employs more than 250,000 Hoosiers, with 75,000 more in logistics-related careers with regional manufacturers. Overall, Indiana’s logistics employment rate in storage and warehousing is already 60 percent higher than the national average and that trend is likely to continue.

In the Logistics and Inventory Systems program you will learn to apply logistics concepts and analytically sound principles to the flow of goods in a supply chain.  You will solve and professionally communicate technical solutions and results. Your courses and experiences will also help you build a base from which you can continue your education and develop workplace skills in the field.

Graduates in the Logistics program have many different employment and educational opportunities.

  • Warehouse & shipping management
  • Customer service and fulfillment
  • Retail sales, planning and management
  • Transportation analyst (supplier-to-manufacturer, business-to-consumer, business-to-business)
  • Distribution center or transportation dispatcher (rail, trucking, air freight, and more)
  • Shipping and receiving service and management
  • Inventory and materials processes (service, management, and training)

An Associate’s Degree can help you launch your career, but there are also many Bachelor’s Degree programs available such as Business Administration, Distribution Center Manager, and Production Director that Ancilla’s Logistics & Inventory Systems program can prepare you for.

Suggested Schedule of Classes

(Concentration requirements in bold type)

First Semester

CS 135 Computer Literacy  -  3 credit hours
ENGL 110 Writing I  -  3 cr. hrs.
HUM 101 Freshman Seminar   -  1 cr. hr.
MATH 215 Statistics   -  3 cr. hrs.
BUS 120 Infrastructures   -  3 cr. hrs.

Second Semester

COMM 115 Public Speaking   -  3 cr. hrs.
ENGL 212 Writing II   -  3 cr. hrs.
a Religion, Ethics, or Philosophy course   -  3 cr. hrs.
PSY 115 General Psychology   -  3 cr. hrs.
BADM 210 Business Law   -  3 cr. hrs.

Third Semester

Literature Course   -  3 cr. hrs.
a Laboratory Science Course   -  5 cr. hrs.
SOC 140 Introduction to Sociology   -  3 cr. hrs.
ACCT 110 Financial Accounting   -  3 cr. hrs.
BUS 240 Logistics & Supply Chain Management.   -  3 cr. hrs.

Fourth Semester

an Art, Music or Spanish language course   –  3 cr. hrs.
an Economics, History, or Political Science course   –  3 cr. hrs.
a Laboratory Science Course   -  4 cr. hrs.
BUS 220 Logistics & Transportation Systems.   -  3 cr. hrs.
MGT 210 Principles of Management   -  3 cr. hrs.

Concentration Requirements: 18 credit hours
General Education Requirements: 44 credit hours

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