Professional Health Studies

Professional Health Studies (Associate of Science)

Healthcare and health-related services can be found in a dozen types of clinic, hospital, office, and training facility. Professional Health Studies is a degree that opens the door to a wide variety of these careers.

You will take courses and get hands-on training to prepare you for making logical decisions, managing information and people, and to communicate effectively with doctors, nurses, clients, patients, and their families.

Why Professional Health Studies?

The Professional Health Studies degree provides a solid foundation in the health sciences that will open doors of opportunity.  The program will also prepare you to transfer to a four-year institution to further your studies.

The Professional Health Studies degree concentration offers students the knowledge and skills that can be applied to many careers in Professional Health Studies industries, including nursing, radiology technology, academic and medical research laboratories, pharmaceutical laboratories, medical technology, respiratory therapy, government research laboratories, and biotechnology laboratories to name a few.

Suggested Schedule of Classes:

Concentration requirements in bold

Year 1- First Semester

CHEM 120 General Chemistry I -  5 credit hours
ENGL 110 Writing I – 3 cr. hrs.
HUM 101 Freshman Seminar -  1 cr. hr.
CS 135 Computer Literacy -  3 cr. hrs.
MATH 110  College Algebra or higher** -  3 cr. hrs.
a Humanities or Fine Arts Course* -  3 cr. hrs.

Second Semester

CHEM 121 General Chemistry II -  5 cr. hrs.
BIOL 270 Microbiology -  5 cr. hrs.
ENGL 212 Writing II -  3 cr. hrs.
a Religion or Philosophy Course* -  3 cr. hrs.

Year 2- Third Semester

BIOL 252 Human Anatomy & Physiology I -  5 credit hours
COMM 115 Public Speaking -  3 cr. hrs.
PSY 115 General Psychology*** -  3 cr. hrs.
an Economics, History, Political Science, Sociology or Psychology course ***-  3 cr. hrs.
Literature Course* -  3 cr. hrs.

Fourth Semester

BIOL 254 Human Anatomy & Physiology II  - 5 cr. hrs.
NUTR 110 Nutrition -  3 cr. hrs.
SOC 140 Introduction to Sociology*** – 3 cr. hrs.

Concentration Total:    18 credit hours
General Education Requirements: 44 credit hours

*  Three areas must be represented from Humanities, Fine Arts, Religion or Philosophy.
**  MT215 Statistics is recommended.
***  Three areas must be represented from Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology or Sociology