Secondary Education

Secondary Education @ Ancilla – Learning, service and teaching

Secondary Education (Associate of Science)

Secondary education teachers are one part teacher, one part coach, part-time mentors and subject matter wizards. Great secondary teachers design learning experiences that challenge middle and high school students to think more broadly about their own lives and potential careers. Ancilla College offers an Associate of Science degree that mixes liberal arts coursework with subject-specific teaching experiences.

The degree provides a foundation for students interested in education preparing future teachers for advanced course work at a senior institution required for a teaching license. Ancilla Secondary Education graduates can use their A.S. degree as a building block to transfer and earn a bachelor’s degree and teaching license in secondary education.  Ancilla degrees and course credits are accepted at regional colleges and universities.

Suggested Schedule of Classes: (Concentration requirements in bold, blue type)

First Semester Credits

HUM 101 Freshman Seminar 1
ENGL 110 Writing I 3
COMM 115 Public Speaking 3
CS 135 Computer Literacy 3
PSY 115 General Psychology 3
Religion or Philosophy Course* 3

Second Semester

ENGL 212 Writing II 3
ED 210 Introduction to Teaching 3
Concentration Elective**** 3
Science Course*** 5
Humanities Course* 3

Third Semester Credits

MATH 110 College Mathematics 3
ED/PSY 250 Educational Psychology 3
ED 258 Intro to Exceptional Children 3
Concentration Elective**** 3
Social/Behavioral Science Course** 3

Fourth Semester

Concentration Elective**** 3
Literature Course* 3
Science Course*** 5
Social/Behavioral Science Course** 3

Concentration Requirements: 18 credit hours
General Education Requirements: 44 credit hours
*Three areas must be represented from Humanities, Fine Arts, Religion or Philosophy
**Social/Behavioral Science choices: SOC 140 Introduction to Sociology, PSCI 160 American National Government, ECON 250 Macroeconomics, or History
***Science choices: BIOL 110 The Human Body, BIOL 122 Principles of Biology I, BIOL 124 Principles of Biology II, BIOL 286 Ecology, CHEM 115 Introduction to Chemistry, or CHEM 120 General Chemistry I
****Concentration electives according to subject matter with approval of advisor