Tuition & Aid

You’ve probably heard that old phrase, “your education is an investment in your future.” But that really does mean something to us at Ancilla. Your investment of time and money today can make a huge difference in your life tomorrow and for years to come. We can help you learn more this year, so you can use new knowledge and skills to earn more in the years that follow.

Higher graduation and transfer rates to regional 4-year degree programs are just a couple reasons you know an Ancilla College Associate’s Degree is an excellent choice. Another is how Ancilla works with you to finance your future. Scholarships, grants, work-study and loans combine to make your education as affordable possible. Look over the following details and let us be your partners in this exciting investment of a lifetime.

Ancilla is the most affordable private college in Indiana (we’re the least expensive).

  • Each year over $2.5 million is distributed to over 93% of Ancilla students in the form of grants, scholarships, and work-study opportunities.
  • Ancilla College awards over $400,000 annually in need-based scholarships and $900,000 in direct grants (not based on financial need), neither of which need to be repaid.
  • The average financial aid package covers up to 97% of a year’s tuition.

Find out what Ancilla College may have available for you. Complete and submit the Financial Aid Early Estimate Form and we will be happy to show you how Ancilla College can be affordable for you.

Fall/Spring  2014-15 Summer  2014
Regular Tuition: $450 per credit hour
$6,750 a semester for full time enrollment
(15 cr hrs)
$335 per credit hour
Early Bird Enrollment: $125 per credit hour $125 per credit hour
Standard fees(per semester) Fall/Spring Summer
Student Service Fee $30 $15
Library Fee $30 $15
Technology Fee $55 $27.50
Standard fees apply to students enrolled in nine (9) or more credit hours in that semester.
Limited enrollment fees Fall/Spring Summer
Student Service Fee $15 $7.50
Library Fee $15 $7.50
Technology Fee $25 $12.50
Limited enrollment fees apply to students enrolled in eight (8) or fewer credit hours in that semester.


  • Biology Lab Fee (per course)            $45
  • Chemistry Lab Fee (per course)        $45
  • Math Lab Fee (per course)                $15
  • Music Lab Fee (per course)              $110

ENTRANCE TESTING (Nursing Students)

ASN Program

  • HESI A2 (Limit 2)               $35.00 each

LPN to RN Program

  • HESI A2 (Limit 2)                    $35 each
  • Bridge Mobility Exam            $50 each


  • Nursing Lab Fee – NURS 110 (9 clinical hrs)* $2,700
  • Nursing Lab Fee – NURS 210 (9 clinical hrs)* $2,700
  • Nursing Lab Fee – NURS 211 (9 clinical hrs)* $2,700
  • Nursing Lab Fee – NURS 250 (6 clinical hrs)+ $1,800
  • Nursing Lab Fee – NURS 255 (6 clinical hrs)+ $1,800

* Fee reflects 6 hours of clinical, balance of clinical hours billed with lecture hours in tuition.

+ Fee reflects 4 hours of clinical, balance of clinical hours billed with lecture hours in tuition.

  • Testing, Malpractice & Supplies        $300 per semester
  • Nursing Kit                                                 $150
  • Uniforms                                                     $100
  • LPN to RN Bridge – Validation of Credit    $1,150
  • Transcript of Credits                               $6
  • Transcript of Credits – Rush                   $10
  • Graduation Fee                                       $75
  • Payment Plan Fee/Late Payment Fee    $40

All pricing is subject to change without notice.


Final Payment: Payment arrangements must be made prior to the start of each semester. If arrangements are not made by this date, the student may be dropped from all classes. The student may re-enroll by making payment arrangements during drop/add week. Please consult the calendar in the back of catalog to determine dates.

  • Four-Month Payment Plan Fee:         $40.00

Pay 25% of total balance due plus $40.00 fee by the first payment date for the semester. Remaining balance is divided into three equal payments, due 30, 60, and 90 days after the start of the semester.

  • One-time Payment Plan Fee:              $0

Pay 100% of total balance by final payment arrangement date. A $40 late payment fee will be added to student accounts not paid in full at the beginning of the semester, unless the student is using the four-month payment plan.

No final grade reports or transcripts will be issued until all obligations are met. State of Indiana financial aid is authorized for the payment of tuition only. The following fees are authorized for automatic payment using federal financial aid:

  • Student Service Fee
  • Technology Fee
  • Library Fee


In the case of voluntary withdrawal from the College or from a particular course, tuition and fees are refunded according to the following time schedule:

  • Fall & Spring Terms (16 week sessions) Other Sessions within a Term**
  • During the first week 100% During the first or second session days 100%
  • During the second week 75% During the third, fourth or fifth session days 75%
  • During the third week 50% During the sixth or seventh session days 50%
  • During the fourth week 25% During the eighth, ninth or tenth session days 25%

**Other sessions include: 8 week courses during Fall & Spring terms, or during Summer sessions

No refund is made after the fourth week of a 16 week session or its equivalent in other sessions. Proportional adjustments are made for other sessions.

Title IV Return of Funds Policy   Effective with the Higher Education Amendments of 1998, Congress passed new provisions regarding repayment of federal financial aid if a student withdraws from all classes before 60% of the session has passed. This is 9.6 weeks for a 16 week session.  These provisions state that a student is not entitled to 100% of federal financial aid* until 60% of the session has been completed. The vast majority of students will have already received 100% of their aid before this time. Therefore, if the student has received federal aid and withdraws before 60% of the term has passed, A PORTION OF THE FUNDS MUST BE REPAID TO THE FEDERAL AID PROGRAM(S).

Any financial aid money to be repaid is considered a federal overpayment. Either this must be repaid in full or arrangements must be made with Ancilla College or the Department of Education. These arrangements must be made within 30 days of the date of notification of overpayment or further eligibility is forfeited for all federal aid at any college until the debt is paid in full.  *

*A more detailed description of the Title IV Return of Funds Policy is available from the Office of Financial Aid.

Federal financial aid includes:

Indiana State Financial Aid Return of Funds Policy

Changing enrollment status by dropping classes or withdrawing from the College at any time during the College’s four-week refund period (first four weeks of the Fall and Spring terms, and first two weeks for shorter sessions within a term) will result in recalculation of state financial assistance. All state aid will be forfeited if a full-time student drops below 12 credit hours.

State Grant Programs under this policy include: The Frank O’Bannon Grant  (Higher Education Award and Freedom of Choice Award,)  21st Century Scholars Program,  SSACI Part-Time Grant, and the Minority Teacher and Special Education Services Scholarship.