By Mindi Blosser, admissions counselor

I knew what I wanted to study, I had a career plan in mind; I just needed a nurturing educational environment, a place where I could develop confidence and prove to everyone that I could achieve my goal of being a teacher. In high school I had little academic confidence; my grades were not the best. I was actively involved in athletics, clubs and youth group, I always completed my work on time and received extra help in my college prep classes; but I remained a weak academic performer. I was not college material according to my high school teachers or guidance staff. The idea of college quickly faded away until I became persistent in my college search, I clearly understood that if I did not find the right college I would miss the opportunity of reaching my goal as a teacher. As my college search progressed, I found this little hidden gem I had never heard of before, Ancilla College, and it is here where my first college experience began many years ago.

Ancilla College believed in me from the moment I walked through the door. I realized that with my work ethic and the personal attention offered at Ancilla College I would achieve great things and I did. I was a Dean’s List student in college, I gained confidence, I lead with distinction, and I credit my successes to Ancilla. I was able to transfer onto a larger university with confidence. I completed my Elementary Education degree with an Early Childhood minor and I was offered a job before I received my diploma. I had finally achieved what many people thought I could not do. Since Ancilla College, I have taught many grade levels, coached different athletic teams, lead professional development for colleagues and moved across the ocean to work at an International School and ironically I am back at Ancilla now working for the college where it all began. Ancilla College is student focused and a place that prepares you for your next level of success.