By Amanda Petrucelli

Ancilla College students Mewsette Cartwright and Morely Luciano told their personal stories to a crowd of nearly 50 donors Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015, to thank them for gifts to the college that made their education possible.

The event, hosted by the college at Lindenwood Retreat and Conference Center, was intended as a way to say thank you to the many individual and corporate donors who boost the college’s ability to meet its mission of empowering students for lifelong learning.

Cartwright, a non-traditional student, spoke of her journey growing up in a household where college was not emphasized to finding a home at Ancilla College where she gets the support she needs to succeed, even while raising her own children.

Luciano, a freshman cheerleader, described growing up in the fast pace of New York City and feeling like she never had time to stop and think about what she needed for herself. She said the way events happened makes her think fate brought her to Ancilla.

President Dr. Ken Zirkle thanked the Alumni Association and other donors with a rousing speech describing the great recent success at the college, including building the first residence hall and increasing enrollment by at least 23 percent. Zirkle indicated great things are to come.

Vice President of Development Todd Zeltwanger with Zirkle announced the Lampen Awards. The Lampen Society was named in the honor of Ancilla’s founding president, Sr. Joel Lampen, PHJC, the Lampen Society presents the opportunity for friends of Ancilla College to share their pride in the College and affirm their role in helping the College advance confidently and vigorously into the future. Individuals and organizations are enrolled in the Lampen Society by making an annual financial contribution of $1,000 or more.

Contributors include:

President’s Circle
Ancilla Domini Sisters
K.C.C.F./Savina Kralis Charitable Fund
Lynch Properties Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gignilliat
Mr. Dale A. Adams
Mr. Richard Belcher
Mrs. Mary Neu-Stoppleman
Ms. Dorothy M. Weber
Ms. Nancy Swanson
N.I.C.F./Suzanne and Richard Belcher Fund
N.I.C.F./The Hardesty Memorial Endowment Fund
Founder’s Circle
Ancilla Mission Club
Independent Colleges of Indiana Fnd.
Koch Bomarko Founders Scholarship Trust IUA
Marshall County Community Foundation
Mr. John J. Chandler
N.I.C.F./Ancilla College Fund
Oliver Ford Lincoln
Provincial’s Circle
1st Source Bank
Ancilla Alumni Board
Ancilla College Fund of the Community Fnd. of St. Joseph Co.
First Federal Savings Bank-Plymouth
Jack and Hope Jordan
Lionshead Specialty Tire and Wheel, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Wozniak
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Winters
Mr. Dominic Parisi
Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center, Inc.
Teachers Credit Union Foundation
Councilor’s Circle
Bottorff Chiropractic Clinic
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Zirkle
Fiduciary Management, Inc.
Hamlet Lions Club
IU Health Starke Hospital Medical Staff
Knights of Columbus Council 1975
Land O’Lakes, Inc. Foundation
Marshall County Community Fnd./Lewis Erwin Memorial Fund
Marshall County Community Foundation /Elwood Hillis Fund
Miller Consulting Group, Inc.
Morrow Insurance Agency, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Kitch
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Hardesty
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Schmelter
Mr. and Mrs. David Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Beville
Mr. and Mrs. Don Crews
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kindt
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Yochum
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ellert
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Taiclet
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome R. Gumz
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Ann Davis
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Shields
Mr. and Mrs. John Zeglis
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. Faulstich
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Girres
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Reese
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Monhaut
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nowak
Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Zeltwanger
Mr. Charles Weaver and Ms. Jennifer Davis
Mr. David Schmitz
Mr. Donald M. Newman
Mr. Ned Johnson
Mr. Roger Rettinger
Mr. Thomas Rybarczyk
Mrs. Mary G. Haas
Mrs. Suzanne M. Light
Ms. Jessica Oliver and Mr. Lance Overmyer
N.C.F./ Dr. Thomas and Elaine Browne Charitable Fund
North Central Cooperative
Rev. and Mrs. Paul E. Nye
Reverend Anthony L. Spanley
Starke County Farm Bureau Co-Op,  Inc.


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