Medical Assistant Ancilla

Ancilla College is enrolling now in its Clinical Medical Assistant Program. The application, part of the free online application to Ancilla College, is needed before student files can be completed and advising begins. It’s easy to fill out and takes just 10 minutes.

The Medical Assistant program prepares students to work in ambulatory health care settings performing administrative, clinical or both duties. Students will work through a comprehensive curriculum, and complete laboratory and clinical externship experiences to develop the standard knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for entry into the profession.

Program Goals:

  1. Build skills in medical administrative.
  2. Take vital signs; assist with patient history and placement for examination.
  3. Maintain infection control procedures.
  4. Perform venipuncture, lab and diagnostics for office use.
  5. Procure and administer medications under the supervision of a licensed healthcare provider.

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