21st Century Scholars

Why Choose Ancilla College of Marian University’s 21st Century Scholars Program?


Ancilla College of Marian University offers academically challenging, faith-filled, and life-changing opportunities for Indiana’s 21st Century Scholars. In fact, we awarded over $6 million in grants, scholarships, and financial aid last year.

As a 21st Century Scholar, you will be surrounded by peers who are on similar journeys. Faculty and staff will give you support, guidance, and encouragement every step of the way. You’ll also have access to support services, programs, and resources designed to help you meet your academic and career goals.



Ancilla College is a liberal arts institution of higher learning sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ and is part of The Center at Donaldson. The college’s religious tradition is Roman Catholic; its climate, ecumenical. In a caring environment, Ancilla serves a diverse population, as we transform and empower students to achieve high academic goals, lifelong learning, successful careers and values-centered lives.


Ancilla College, founded in 1937, is a private, Catholic, not-for-profit, two-year college offering over two dozen associate degree programs. Students from 12 states and 15 countries live and learn at Ancilla.

P.O. Box 1, 9601 Union Road, Donaldson, IN, 46513.

Call toll-free: 1.866.ANCILLA (866) 262-4552 or (574) 936-8898.


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