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Is Ancilla College the Right School for Me?

Ancilla College is closer than you think-- We are 45 minutes south of South Bend, an hour and 40 minutes from downtown Chicago, and 2 and a half hours north of Indianapolis.

Your Questions, Answered.

Why should I go to Ancilla?

Ancilla College is a small liberal arts college in northern Indiana. We have about 600 students on our beautiful, wooded, quiet campus in small classes led by high quality teachers. You can’t get lost here. We don’t have giant, impersonal lecture halls or teaching assistants.

Can I live on campus?

Yes. Ancilla has two brand new residence halls housing almost 200 students. The residence hall rooms are all large, comfortable doubles with private bathrooms. We have a beautiful, safe campus, access to the best athletic training facilities in our conference, with great student groups and activities on campus as well. Full-week meal plans are included in residence hall living for $9,200. That’s room AND board, for the full 2017-18 school year.

What degrees does Ancilla offer?

We have more than two dozen two-year, associate degrees in programs such as agriculture, business, nursing, criminal justice, and science. Ancilla offers several shorter certificate programs as well. You can earn a degree that builds a foundation to a career or transfers to a four-year degree. At Ancilla, 57 percent of students graduate or transfer successfully to larger university programs within three years. (That’s huge.) Read about our programs here.

Is Ancilla a good value?

  • We are exceptional. Sixty six percent of Ancilla students are Pell Grant eligible.
  • 92 percent of Ancilla students receive financial aid of some kind.
  • We provide free financial aid counseling.
  • 57 percent of Ancilla students graduate or transfer within three years. You save money and time by finishing college faster.

What’s Ancilla like?

Our graduates tell us they loved getting to know their teachers at Ancilla. They rave about our classes and the way we treat students. But the key thing– over 93 percent of our graduates rate their educational experience here as “very satisfied” or higher. See all our activities and organizations here.

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Photo by Kelly Cordell, facility/grounds services for Ancilla Domini Sisters. Pilot: Todd Gardner, A.S. ’07.

Come for a Visit

If you happen to be in the Midwest we hold open houses and will offer you tours as well.: Open Houses. They usually start with lunch at noon. You can talk with students, faculty and staff, get information on our degree programs and financial aid packages, and learn more about our brand new residence halls.

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