What does it mean when you say you are a "private" college?

Private colleges are funded by endowments and donations. That means we have a large pool of committed givers who want to see Ancilla College succeed. Our biggest donor is the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, but a lot of alumni, community members and even our own faculty and staff are invested in providing the best possible education for our students. Being private also means we aren’t beholden to state tax dollars and can follow our college mission. Read more about the benefits of a private college here in the Independent Colleges of Indiana (ICI) 2015-16 Guidebook.

What is your graduation rate?

Our graduation rates are well above similar colleges in Indiana (just under 20 percent), however, as a two-year school, students come to us for different reasons. We may have an adult student who is taking a computer science class for their employer or an athlete who wants to play on a team and then transfer to a four-year school after one year at Ancilla College. Ancilla College helped these students meet their personal goals, but they do not graduate with an associate degree. In general, our focus is to help students transfer to a four-year school to earn a bachelor’s degree and our success rate there is 41 percent.

Will I (will my child) get a job when I graduate with an associate degree from Ancilla?

Current studies show employers are looking for workers with more than a high school diploma, but not necessarily a bachelor’s degree. A two-year school is the perfect place to brush up on skills and perfect new ones to become a valuable employee. Further, Ancilla College partners with local businesses to place students in internship programs, work studies and careers. We respond to the current market by adding degree programs that are in need, such as agriculture, which was added in 2015.

Do you have housing on campus?

Yes! We built two 100-bed residence halls, the first opened Fall 2015 and the second just like it will open Fall 2016. We are accepting applications now. (<– click here to apply.) A brand new dining hall and student life center opened January 2016.

The state-of-the-art freshman residence halls have 48 spacious double rooms, each with a full bath.

The residence hall has wireless internet, free laundry facilities and parking and a full meal plan is included for $8,900/year. The buildings have a fireplace, loft, large lounge, a meditation room and a conference room. There is a residence assistant on each floor and generous study nooks at the end of each hall.

Here’s a video that shows what the hall looks like.

What does it mean that you are not-for-profit?

Unlike many state schools, Ancilla College isn’t here to make money. We all work here because we believe in the mission to empower and transform our students.

Tell me about your nursing program.

Our NCLEX pass rate for RNs is 90 percent. The Ancilla College Nursing Department partners with each student and our state-of-the-art simulation labs and clinicals to create an individualized program that will create registered nurses ready for the working world. Our classes are small, so our teachers have the time to get to know you, tutor you and work with you. Our nursing faculty are not just certified, they are certified with experience in the field they teach. Additionally, we offer classes each term so you won’t have wait for the class you need to graduate to come around again, as you may at a larger school. You can have an R.N. degree in five semesters at Ancilla College, which saves you money and time. Learn more about the program here. Or call our office at 1.(866).ANCILLA x. 327. We make the time to talk to each individual.

Why a small college?

Do you want to sit at the back of a large lecture hall and be a number, or do you want your professors to know your name by the end of the first week of class? Because Ancilla is a two-year college, our total focus is on first- and second-year students. With small classrooms and high quality instructors – not teaching assistants  – your success is our reason for being!

I'm a high school student and I'd like to earn college credit. Can you do that?

Yes! We have two programs to help high schools students get ahead. The Early Bird program involves some online and on-campus classes you can attend in the middle of your school day. Jump Ahead is an online program we launched in 2016 for high school-aged students to earn credits online with Ancilla College. Read more here.

These classes are 75 percent off the regular tuition cost!

Why Ancilla?

Ancilla College is Indiana’s only remaining junior college—a two-year institution that integrates academic programs with student life options like men’s and women’s sports and a solid community focus.  We’re the most affordable private school in the state. Ancilla College distributes $3.8 million annually in financial aid, including over $400,000 annually in scholarships.

Forty percent of students cannot contribute to the cost of tuition and fees and 60 percent can afford less than $5,000 each year. Therefore, we meet the needs of 95 percent of our students with aid in grants and loans.

What kind of financial aid to you offer?

Ancilla Colleve has more than $1 million in Ancilla grants and scholarships available.

95 percent of students at Ancilla receive one or more types of financial aid (state, federal, institutional scholarships and loans).

Ancilla College offers 33 private scholarships available for online application here.

I need to add Ancilla to my FAFSA. What is your number?

Our ID number is 001784 if you have questions, Financial Aid counselors can help: 574.936.8898 x. 349

What are classes like?

Small, and small classes are personal. Your teachers will get to know you and you will feel comfortable chatting with them. Alumni say this format helped them when they transferred to a larger school or joined the workforce because they were used to talking with people in authority.

The Ancilla College student-to-faculty ratio is 11-to-1.

We don’t have giant lecture halls—just faculty and staff members who get to know you and support your goals.

Tell me more about graduation and transferability.

Ancilla students earn two-year degrees

You are more likely to graduate on time, saving time and money

Ancilla College has articulation and transfer agreements with dozens of universities- more each year. Many offer special deals and grants to Ancilla graduates. WE SAVE YOU MONEY!

At Ancilla, 57 percent of students graduate or transfer successfully to larger university programs within three years.

Where are you located?

On 1,100 beautiful, wooded acres with a lake in Donaldson, Ind., just west of Plymouth. See our maps page for more complete directions.