Due to inclement weather and for the safety of everyone, Ancilla College has approved an early campus dismissal for our faculty and staff on Tuesday, December 12th. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Dr. Kenneth Zirkle
B.A., Edinboro State College; M.A., Rutgers University; Ed.D., The Pennsylvania State University

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A letter from your president

Welcome to Ancilla College! I’d like to share a few facts with you about this incredible and unique college. For many years Ancilla has been the “best kept secret” of the Midwest but we have been working hard to change that. The college is located in a beautiful, rural Indiana setting approximately two hours from Chicago, an hour from Fort Wayne, and a half an hour from South Bend.


Ancilla College sits on over 1,100 acres of rolling farm-type land that also includes a beautiful 37-acre lake. We are the only 2-year independent college in Indiana and have the lowest tuition of any private college in Indiana. We offer 18 academic majors and have more than 15 articulation and 2-plus-2 transfer programs with reputable 4-year colleges and universities in Indiana and beyond.

At Ancilla College, students are VIPs (very important people) and never treated as numbers. We only succeed when you succeed, consequently, we offer small classes and one-on-one personal attention with classes taught by faculty and not graduate students; in addition, we believe in providing our students with lots of hands on experiences. As a result of the quality education and experiences we offer, our graduates can be found in a wide variety of positions such as nurses, bank presidents, business owners, doctors, teachers, coaches, conservation officers, computer programmers, law enforcement officers, CEO’s, school counselors, and daycare workers, to name a few.

Ancilla College proudly fields 10 competitive intercollegiate athletic teams (we are the Chargers!) This fall we will open a brand new residence and dining hall plus student center.

I hope that I have whetted your appetite – at least enough for you to want to learn more about Ancilla – better yet, come and visit us and see for yourself. I would look forward to personally giving you a warm Ancilla welcome!

The Board of Trustees

Not pictured:

Mr. Brad Aquino
Sr. Deanne Blume, PHJC
Mr. Dan Chamberlin
Mr. Randall Danielson
Mr. Ryan Jessen
Mrs. Patricia Kitch
Mrs. Suzanne Light
Sr. Agatha Niebrugge, PHJC, Emeritus
Mrs. Carol Bowen
Mr. Adam Lukenbill
Mr. Dave Vermillion
Mr. John Chandler