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Jared Leamon. ’07, network technician for the West Noble School Corp. in Ligonier, Ind.

“I was a poor student in high school, low grades and not much motivation to make them better. Ancilla was one of the only colleges to accept my application. There, I learned a lot about myself and what I wanted to become. I gained motivation and determination and ended up being the treasurer for Phi Theta Kappa. I graduated Cum Laude. The college itself was a stepping stone for me. The small classes helped me learn, and the professors themselves were very personal and helpful.”


Isaias Membreno, 2015 transfer student, now attending Valparaiso University

I chose Ancilla College for soccer and for all the professors who made Ancilla one of a kind. They will always remain in my heart. The sisters helped me realize who I was deep inside. The beautiful campus gave me places to study and meditate in between classes. I got my grades on track and transferred to Valparaiso University this spring.

Cindy Rash  ’90 A.S. Associate of Liberal Studies Loan Manager for Midwest Ag Finance

Ancilla College provided me an opportunity that I wouldn’t have had otherwise —  my family didn’t have the financial means or tenacity to help me figure things out when I graduated from high school.  It was Ancilla’s admissions department that helped me realize my dreams for a higher education.  Due to marriage and two children it took me a while to finish my Associate Degree but I am so thankful I did. A person needs to take their own path to achieve their goals and when you find yourself derailed, reroute or jump back on and continue looking forward. Ancilla taught me to do that.

Mary Weldon ’06, now a Registered Nurse Case Manager for the Center for Hospice in Plymouth, IN

The smaller class sizes gave me more individual attention. One teacher discovered that I was an auditory learner. A bigger school would have never caught that. For some of my nursing exams they let me test in a quiet, separate room.

Patrolman Jonathan Bryant, Ancilla College class of 2004, now an officer with the Marshall County Police Department

I was expelled from high school and sent to an alternative school where I earned a scholarship to Ancilla. There I was able to have an opinion and it was encouraging to be involved in discussions. It didn’t matter who you were, where you were from, what your name was. They encouraged interaction with your teacher. The top people interact with you on a daily basis and know your first name. That personally allowed me to open up my mind and learn.

John Smithers ’06, now teaching sociology at the University of Illinois at Chicago and working on his Ph.D.

“Ancilla, that’s where I got my start. When I transferred to IUSB, I was way better prepared than 90 percent of my cohorts. Because Ancilla is smaller, there are more opportunities for faculty and staff to devote individual time to students. You can’t find that type of commitment to students at any other type of institution. Having that support system there in place was priceless.”

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Ancilla College Student Starts Longboard Business

DONALDSON – If you haven’t heard about long boards, you’re probably just not cool enough.

Thankfully, Ancilla College’s Assistant Professor John Gough is cool enough

When Andrew Huff started taking Gough’s business classes, Gough knew Huff & Puff Board Co. was ready for the next level.

Huff, a sophomore graduating from Ancilla College this spring with an A.S. in business administration, will begin selling his long boards at Culver Marina and Outpost Sports on Grape Road in Mishawaka, IN, he said.

editedgoughhuffvertHuff learned his woodworking skills starting at the Elkhart Area Career Center where he built a house through the building trades program, he said. From there he decided to buy his own wood working equipment. Huff purchased his own press, planer and band saw, “his baby,” he said.

Long boards are skateboards that are greater in size than traditional boards and offer more traction and stability. Huff has added to his product base a land paddle for a newer trend similar to the watersport paddle boarding, but for sidewalk transportation.

His boards, many of which are custom made, are created from 100 percent reclaimed wood from area cabinet makers and other businesses, Huff said. “They really stand out.”

“It’s all their scraps. They’re either going to throw it away or burn it. So I’m doing them a favor,” Huff said.

At Ancilla College, Gough’s Managerial Accounting and Marketing class, Huff said, “Took it to the next level.”

In addition to learning how to create a break-even analysis and business and marketing plans, Huff said he learned the terms needed in business. “He taught me the steps it took to become a legitimate business.”

Gough said, “It’s enjoyable having a student with high academic capabilities integrated with an entrepreneurial spirit. He’s Halley’s Comet.”

Gough introduced Huff to local business owners who were “stoked” about the long boards and paddles, he said.

Huff also sells his custom work online at and out of his shop, 2489 St. Rd. 331 Bremen. He can be reached at (574) 248-5371.