Why Ancilla?

What is Ancilla Like?

> Small classes
> Personal attention
> Valuable experience

Ancilla College is a small college that offers over two dozen degree programs you can use to build your future. Ancilla serves a diverse population with small classes, comprehensive tutoring and faculty contact, personal learning support, and personal interaction. Home to intercollegiate athletic teams for both men and women Ancilla is Indiana's least-expensive private college.

Founded in 1937, by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, Ancilla is a Catholic liberal arts college open to anyone and everyone seeking an education and opportunity.

Ideal Location

The college is located in a beautiful, rural northern Indiana setting approximately two hours from Chicago, an hour from Fort Wayne, and a half an hour from South Bend. (You’re just minutes from Plymouth, Indiana.)

Ancilla College sits on over 1,100 acres of rolling, wooded farmland that also includes a beautiful 37-acre lake. As a part of the Center at Donaldson, we also have a beef and grain farm, art studio, athletic fields, and an assisted living facilities on campus. Alongside biology labs, a hospital simulation room, computer labs, and classrooms there is a beautiful Roman Catholic chapel, and a tiny hidden chapel in the woods on campus.

Wild turkey, pheasant, deer, hawks, foxes, and other wildlife have homes in and around campus.

ancilla campus

Ancilla’s campus includes many environments and options that even large universities don’t have.

Enrollment and Class Size

Ancilla College currently enrolls just under 600 full and part-time undergraduate students. Some are on-campus residents, some are in-town apartment dwellers, some commuter and some non-traditional. Our average class size is 14 students.

Ancilla is worth it, and so are you

Why a Small College?

At Ancilla there is no sitting at the back of a large lecture hall. With small classrooms and high quality instructors – not teaching assistants  – your success is our reason for being! Your professors (and often the president of the school) will know your name by the end of the first week of class! As a two-year college, Ancilla is focused is on first- and second-year students who want to transition to something bigger later. Or maybe you aren’t sure if college is for you — this is a good, safe and inexpensive way to test yourself. We believe in you.

Ask our graduates and they will tell you the personal relationship formed with teachers is what made them successful. You will get used to chatting with your professors before and after class — it’s part of what makes Ancilla unique. Alumni tell us that even if they transferred to a larger school later, the foundation laid here made it easier to learn at a bigger school.

Our students are used to close attention, accountability and personal relationships with instructors, staff and classmates. It’s a good transition to a bigger school or the workplace where those habits are rewarded.

Why Ancilla?

Ancilla College is Indiana’s only junior college—a private two-year institution that integrates academic programs with student life options like men’s and women’s sports and a solid community focus.  We’re the most affordable private school in the state and much of the surrounding region. Ancilla College distributes nearly $4 million annually in financial aid, including over $400,000 annually in scholarships.

At Ancilla over 40 percent of our students come from families that cannot contribute to pay for tuition. And yet we keep our doors open to every student. We work hard to keep our costs low and we help students every year get access to a college education through Ancilla College scholarships and grants.

For more about Ancilla, look over our web site, join us on Facebook, and call or email us today to schedule a visit. See how Ancilla can be a great start for you!

Who We Are

Ancilla College, founded in 1937, is a liberal arts college sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ. The College’s religious tradition is Roman Catholic but its climate is ecumenical- open to any person seeking an education and opportunity.  Ancilla serves a diverse population with small classes, comprehensive tutoring and personal learning support. Ancilla College offers over two dozen different degree programs that transform and empower students to achieve high academic goals, build lifelong learning skills, launch successful careers and pursue values-centered lives.

  • We offer Associate Degrees that launch a career or transfer to nearly 20 nearby colleges and universities.
  • Ancilla offers different pathways to success: 25 different degree programs.
  • You will not get lost in the crowd:  Ancilla has 600 students.
  • Small, interactive classroom learning:  The student-to-faculty ratio is just 14:1.
  • Graduates: 78% of our students successfully graduate or transfer to continue their education within 5 years.
  • Financial Aid: 93% of our students receive some form of aid; $3.8 million awarded to students last year.
  • Athletics: 22 NCJAA teams, including baseball, basketball, bowling, golf, soccer,  tennis, softball, track & field, wrestling, dance, cross country, volleyball, and co-ed cheer leading.
  • Activities: Student Ambassadors, Student Government, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Dance Club, bowling and more.
  • History: Founded in 1937; sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ.
  • We give a fair chance to all potential students regardless of background. Read more here.
  • Location: a rural, wooded campus just 2 miles south of U.S. 30 near Plymouth, Indiana.


Learn About the Area Around Ancilla College

Open houses are a great way to get a taste of campus; learn more by clicking the link.

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