As a two-year liberal arts college, Ancilla offers 25 academic programs, all supported by a strong general education curriculum, which prepare you for a career or for transfer to a four-year program. Ancilla professors, who all hold advanced degrees in their fields, are focused on your learning and skill development. To meet your needs, Ancilla provides day, evening and online classes for both traditional and adult students.

Our Academics

Your first two years are a time to get a sense of your academic and career interests. Find out what you’re passionate about as you take a core of general education classes in the liberal arts and sciences. If you want a bachelor’s degree later, you can decide to transfer to one of the nearly 20 schools we have articulation (transfer) agreements with, saving you tens of thousands of dollars in most cases.

Our students tell us the close, personal environment at Ancilla better prepared them for professional relationships at work or with faculty at a larger school later.We all have friends who went away to a large school, dropped out and are now living at home, trying to catch their breath. Start at Ancilla and avoid the overwhelming anxiety of a big campus and huge lecture halls — get a feel for college here where our teachers will form a relationship with you.

You will also be supported by a wide range of services to assure your success. From free tutoring in nursing, math and writing to focused advising to career development; your learning is the top priority.

If you plan to transfer to a four-year college or university after completing your associate degree at Ancilla, count on feeling well-prepared for that next chapter. Ancilla holds transfer agreements with a wide range of colleges and universities in the area. Ancilla degrees are easily transferable to other quality educational institutions, with no extra hoops to jump through.

As you think about your college and career needs, take a look at the many options that Ancilla College provides.

About Associate Degrees (A.A. & A.S. Degrees)

For both the Associate in Science (A.S.) and Associate in Art (A.A.) degrees students work through a common core of courses designed to build essential knowledge and cultural awareness while developing key learning skills. Students will begin at Ancilla with a short course called Freshman Seminar. This introduction to Ancilla, its academic Core Values, and an overview of the opportunities offered at Ancilla build a sense of community while bringing every student “up to speed” with Ancilla.

Students are required to test out of or take courses covering Written & Oral Communication including:

  • English Composition 1 – ENGL 110 – 3 credit hours
  • English Composition 2 – ENGL 212 – 3 cr. hrs.
  • Public Speaking – COMM 115 – 3 cr. hrs.

Plus a short series of courses in:

  • Humanities & Fine Arts
  • Literature (World or American)
  • Religion or Philosophy

And, students will choose elective courses from areas such as Art, Music, Modern Language, Philosophy, Religion, Social and Behavioral Science, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Economics.

Ancilla students are required to take several hands-on problem-solving or lab courses in:

  • Mathematics   (including MATH 110 or a higher level course)
  • Science           (including 10 credits – two courses- in Laboratory Science)
  • Technology   (including CS 135 or higher)

And you will take at least 6 courses in your degree concentration (major)

Total credits required for most Ancilla Associate’s Degrees – 62 credit hours

Ancilla College does not discriminate against anyone, including applicants, students, faculty or staff on any basis.

Important Documents

Each of these handbooks are large PDF files. You can download them to a flash drive, read them on a computer screen, or review them on a tablet or other device. Please do not print them unless absolutely necessary (it helps save paper and the environment).