ADA Accommodations

Ancilla College is committed to ensuring equal educational access and opportunities to qualified students with documented disabilities who wish to receive accommodations. In compliance with the American with Disabilities Amendment Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Ancilla College provides accommodations to those who qualify in order to ensure equal access to higher education.

Accommodations are awarded on a case by case basis depending on the documentation received. If you have a disability and are requesting accommodations, please visit the ADA Coordinator, Kristen Robson, in C105G.

Accessing Academic Accommodations:

Although documentation does not need to be submitted each semester, students are required to complete steps three and four for each semester in which accommodations will be requested.

1. In order to receive academic accommodations, a student must self-disclose a documented disability. Ancilla College and its faculty and staff cannot, and will not, ask if a student has a disability.

Guidelines for documentation
Documentation can be emailed, mailed, or faxed to the ADA Coordinator. See contact information below.
• An IEP or 504 Plan (if recently graduated from high school)
• Evaluation from a licensed professional including:

o Diagnostic statement identifying the disability
o Date of current evaluation
o Date of original diagnosis, and associated licensed professional
o Description of diagnostic test(s) used and diagnostic criteria
o Treatments, medications, assistive devises and services currently prescribed or used
o Information regarding limitations as it pertains to the academic environment

2. After submitting the appropriate documentation, students will be contacted by the ADA coordinator to set up a time to meet and discuss accommodation needs and allowances.

3. At the meeting, students will complete related forms and paperwork regarding accommodations. This will include forms that that students will present to faculty disclosing the need for accommodations.

4. Students will return forms signed by the faculty to the ADA Coordinator before accommodations can begin.

Frequently Asked Questions

I had an IEP in high school, does it apply to college?

Not all accommodations and modifications allotted in high school will apply to the college setting. For questions regarding specific accommodations, please contact the ADA Coordinator for more information.

I think I may have a learning related disability, but have never been tested or diagnosed. Can I still receive accommodations?

It is the students’ responsibility to ensure that they have the correct supporting documentation to receive accommodations. However, the ADA Coordinator may be able to help students find community resources in getting such evaluations.

It has been a long time since I’ve been diagnosed with my disability, and I don’t have the documentation. Can I still qualify for accommodations?

Documentation must be no more than 5 years old when it is submitted to the ADA Coordinator.

How much do I have to tell my professors about my disability?

Students are welcome to disclose as much or as little as they like. In order to receive accommodations, faculty must be presented with the form that outlines which accommodations the student is eligible for. This form does not specify what disabilities the students have, only that they can access specific accommodations.

What if my diagnosis changes or I find that I need different accommodations?

If a student has a change in diagnosis that leads to different accommodation needs, the student will have to submit updated documentation. If a student finds that they need different accommodations under the same diagnosis and documentation, they should speak with the ADA Coordinator to determine if other options are available.

Can I receive accommodations if I have a temporary condition?

Yes. Present relevant documentation, and the ADA Coordinator can meet to review accommodations on a temporary basis.

Can I get a waiver or substitute classes if my disability makes certain subjects or coursework difficult?

The ADA Coordinator does not have the ability to alter course requirements. Such requests must be made to the Office of Academic Affairs.


Clare Czolgosz

APAC & ADA Specialist

574-936-8898 ext. 364

Fax: 574-935-1773


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