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Ancilla College alumni are an integral part of the College’s growing community of scholars, friends, colleagues, and connections to careers and organizations near you.

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About Ancilla Alumni

All strong buildings have a firm foundation, and so it is with Ancilla College. From its beginning in 1937 as a college for Poor Handmaid Sisters to opening the doors to the public 30 years later, what came before has laid the groundwork for those who came after. Whether you graduated from Ancilla, transferred to another school, or attended classes to improve your employment options, you have been part of the foundation that we continue to stand on today.

We hope you will come back to campus to tour the buildings, visit with our faculty and the Sisters, attend a sporting event, or offer hope and opportunity to our current students.


We want to hear from you!

No one can take your place in the foundation, and only you can share the story of your Ancilla experience. So reach out! Let us know about your time on campus. What was life like? What were some of your memorable classes? What activities did you participate in while you were here? We want to collect these memories and remind our students that they are helping to build the foundation a little stronger. No one can do it better than those who have been in their shoes.

Please contact:

Emily Hutsell
Development & Alumni Relations Manager
574-936-8898 x355

to find out about upcoming events and to update your contact information.

Emily Hutsell

Development & Alumni Relations Manager

BS Indiana State University


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