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The University of Evansville Schroeder School of Business hosted an invitational orientation for four Ancilla College students and four staff members of Ancilla College on February 16 and 17 on the University of Evansville campus.  The University of Evansville Schroeder School of Business is the number one ranked business program in the country for small colleges.

The University of Evansville and Ancilla College have a formal collaborative agreement in support of Ancilla College students who complete an Associate’s Degree and wish to pursue a four year degree.

Ancilla students attending included Macey Blosser, Karissa Caverly, Austin Traxler and Zach Schultz.  Ancilla College staff member included  David Stauffer, Dr. James Riley, Dr. Beth Sweitzer-Riley and Vice President of Enrollment Management Eric Wignall.

Schroeder School of Business Dean Greg Rawski opened the initial meeting, which included University staff and students.

Dr. Riley stated “The ranking for the Schroeder School of Business is well deserved.  The collaboration will provide opportunities not available anywhere else in the country.  Anyone who visits the School cannot help but feel the high positive energy and support throughout the program.”

Three of the top Evansville students described a variety of experiences, including travel to national conferences, innovative instruction and the highly supportive environment in the Schroeder School.  The entire structure of the program, according to Dean Rawski, is designed to give students real world experience from the beginning of the program.  Part of that structure involves creating a cohort of ambassadors that represent the program to companies as well as prospective students.  Ancilla College will explore the development of a similar program with the Schroeder School of Business support.

For Evansville students, a critical component of the School of Business is the comprehensive career placement program which begins when they enroll in the program.  Students are guided and supported in early and ongoing career planning.  The process is so effective, that a sophomore, serving in an internship, was guaranteed a well-paying position upon completion of her degree.  Sethlyn Morgan, Director of the Office of Career Success in the Schroeder School cited the 98% placement rate for graduates with a median starting salary of $42, 500.  Morgan also cited the extensive network of connections with Fortune 100 companies across the United States.

Ancilla students responded with high praise.  One student stated “I have visited 10 other business programs-this one tops the list.  It excites me to think about my future at the University of Evansville.  I have already applied.  Evansville emulates the personal touch of Ancilla College only on a larger scale.  I was amazed at how personable the Dean was and his patience in answering our questions.”

One additional important potential benefit for Ancilla College students is the number one ranked study abroad program in the United States at its Harlaxton College in Grantham England.  Harlaxton is housed in an historic estate and hosts an extensive array of courses, often partnering with other colleges.

Dr. James Riley of Ancilla and Dean Greg Rawski of the Schroeder School held a brief meeting to discuss ways that the collaboration can be broadened.  Some of the ideas discussed included study abroad for Ancilla students upon graduation, potential for offering courses and the opportunity to work with British faculty at Harlaxton College.  In addition, planning was initiated for a day conference on the Ancilla campus  hosting Dean Rawski and additional University of Evansville staff and students.


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