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By Amanda Petrucelli

DONALDSON – Holidays means time with family, Christmas dinner, New Year’s celebrations, and college courses—at least at one Northern Indiana college.

College students can use the downtime between semesters to make up essential courses, no matter what university they attend. Ancilla College is offering five general education courses in an accelerated four-week winter term from Dec. 12 – Jan. 9.

“Ancilla is offering a winter term to help students who receive the Indiana state financial aid grant to earn 30 credits by the end of the academic year,” said Vice President for Academics Dr. Joanna Blount.

“The Incentive Program, 15 to Finish, is sponsored by the Indiana Commission of Higher Education to encourage students to complete their degrees in a timely manner. Students with less than 30 credits could see a reduction in their state grant. Our winter term helps those students pick up an extra class between semesters. It is an excellent opportunity for those students home for the holidays as the courses are taught online,” Blount said.

The three-credit courses include: Computer Literacy, Public Speaking, Cinema History, General Psychology, and Introduction to Sociology and are all offered at a reduced tuition rate. Students can use our free application online at, Blount said.

Each online course is $1,110 plus materials. Students will have access to their instructor’s notes, class presentations, tests and discussions 24 hours a day on Ancilla’s online course system, Blount said.

“The goal of winter term courses isn’t to ruin anyone’s holiday,” said Ancilla’s Vice President for Enrollment Eric Wignall.

“Winter term is so students can still go home for the holiday break and be with family and friends. Students here or at other colleges sometimes need to make up for a schedule issue or just to pick up a needed course before they move on to the next semester. Winter Term at Ancilla lets students go home for the holidays but also earn three credits towards their degree,” Wignall said.

Apply by Dec. 15 for free online at and select “Winter Term” in the application. Current Ancilla students can apply through their advisor. Work will be due three times a week. Class size is limited to 30 students.

Apply at our website here:

Ancilla College (, part of The Center at Donaldson, offers 18 associate degrees and 19 athletic programs. Since 1937, the college has been a sponsored ministry of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ. It is a small, private, liberal arts school in Donaldson, Indiana. It is located two miles south of U.S. 30 on Union Road near Plymouth, Indiana.

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Ancilla College is a liberal arts institution of higher learning sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ and is part of The Center at Donaldson. The college’s religious tradition is Roman Catholic; its climate, ecumenical. In a caring environment, Ancilla serves a diverse population, as we transform and empower students to achieve high academic goals, lifelong learning, successful careers and values-centered lives.


Ancilla College, founded in 1937, is a private, Catholic, not-for-profit, two-year college offering over two dozen associate degree programs. Students from 12 states and 15 countries live and learn at Ancilla.

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