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By Emily Hutsell

What a success Ancilla College had April 29, our second annual Day of Giving!

More than 80 families, businesses and individuals gave to our Join the Charge one-day campaign this year – a 44.6 percent increase in donors from last year’s event with giftsSTdate DayofGiving totaling nearly $3,400, a 26 percent increase in dollars from 2015.

Emily Hutsell, development and alumni relations manager, said she was happy for the results and is ready to plan next year’s event to be even more fun and bring in more donors.

“We just ask for $24 in 24 hours, making the event accessible to all givers,” Hutsell said. “The idea was to get our parents, students, community members and even our own faculty and staff into the habit of giving a little to help with student scholarships and activities. I think it was a tremendous success.”

Day of
Giving Breakdown
# of Gifts 81
Ancilla Fund  $  2,094.00
Academics  $     124.00
Endowment  $     124.00
Nursing  $        25.00
Reese Scholarship  $        24.00
Sr. Mary D Scholar  $        74.00
Volleyball  $        24.00
Softball  $        24.00
Baseball  $        48.00
Soccer  $        62.50
Basketball  $        82.50
LaCrosse  $     124.00
Golf  $     569.00
Total  $  3,399.00


Tony Ross from MAX 98.3 FM was on hand covering the days events, which included a free lunch, inflatable obstacle course, student interviews and more.

The social media and radio campaign is part of an Ancilla movement to change the lives of students at the college.

In 2015, the first Day of Giving for Ancilla College had 56 donors and raised $2,700.00.

At the two-year private college, 60 percent of students can afford to contribute less than $5,000 toward annual tuition. The multiple $24 donations, April 29, helps the college reach its goal to serve more and do more to help students.


Please watch this thank you video from our students, expressing gratitude to you for your contributions to many programs at the school.

It’s not too late!

If you’d still like to make a gift to Ancilla College, you can do so online here. Directions for mailing in a check or donating with cash are on that page as well.


Ancilla College is a liberal arts institution of higher learning sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ and is part of The Center at Donaldson. The college’s religious tradition is Roman Catholic; its climate, ecumenical. In a caring environment, Ancilla serves a diverse population, as we transform and empower students to achieve high academic goals, lifelong learning, successful careers and values-centered lives.


Ancilla College, founded in 1937, is a private, Catholic, not-for-profit, two-year college offering over two dozen associate degree programs. Students from 12 states and 15 countries live and learn at Ancilla.

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Call toll-free: 1.866.ANCILLA (866) 262-4552 or (574) 936-8898.


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