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The Autism Program at Ancilla College – Resource Guide

This web resource has been developed with funding provided by the Ball Brothers Venture Fund in collaboration with the Independent Colleges of Indiana

The Autism Program at Ancilla College: APAC

A college-level program to help students with Autism Spectrum Disorder to build social, workplace, and academic skills and knowledge.

APAC is designed for students who, while exhibiting superior intellectual ability, face serious challenges with communication, social interactions, and group educational settings. The APAC program is a residential, college-level program providing for the successful immersion of these unique students into a small, rural, supportive campus community.

The Lake House is the residential center of the APAC program.

Students enrolled in APAC will be provided access to a number of unique academic and social features. Students in the program pay an additional fee for these services.

For a printable version of the APAC web pages, please click here.