We provide a superior dining experience for our students

Ancilla College uses Sodexo dining systems to feed residential and commuter students as well as faculty and staff. The brand new Student Life Center is home to made-to-order cooking, a fresh salad bar, an ice cream machine and traditional favorites such as pizza and burgers. Check out the dining website at https://ancilla.sodexomyway.com/ to learn about pricing, menus, nutritional information and hours.

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Cafeteria Information

Our brand new, state-of-the art dining hall with fireplace, coffee bar, and traditional cafeteria that includes hot and cold lines and a salad bar is OPEN for business. Learn more here.

Housing at Ancilla includes a full meal plan at $4,450 per semester. That’s 19 meals a week in the new Student Life Center, room, free laundry, TV, Wi-Fi and parking. That price is lower than most private school room and board and it’s even lower than some state universities.

Another reason why a two-year school may be the right choice for you.

Sodexo Sustainability LCD_-16Students may also purchase food and drinks in the ministry center where classes are held with cash or a meal card. Students and staff may purchase a meal card at the Ancilla College Business Office. The new dining hall offers to faculty, staff and commuter students one complete card in 10 meal blocks for $50.

You can find an entire meal (a central heated meal service where you can choose different options) or build your own with a selection of a la carte options. There is also a salad bar, morning breakfast options, and many different drinks and juices.


Ancilla Dining is About Health & Sustainability

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