Ancilla is the least expensive private college in Indiana and one of the lowest cost colleges in the Midwest. At Ancilla, we are always working to keep tuition and fees low for the highest quality of education.

Estimating the Cost of Attendance

For the Ancilla College Net Price Calculator you can use this link.  If you want to estimate your costs for attending the college the following reflect current tuition and fees.

2018-19  STUDENT COSTS/BUDGET (Non-Nursing)

Budget ItemsOff-Campus
Not with parent/relative
With parent/relative
Tuition Full-time tuition is fixed (Full-time enrollment is from 12 to 17 credit hours each semester; Students enrolled in less than 12 cr. hrs. pay $570 per credit hour; Students taking more than 17 cr. hrs. in a semester pay the full-time tuition and $570 for each cr. hr. over 17.)$ 8,550 per semester $ 8,550 per semester $ 8,550 per semester
Fees$ 115$ 115$ 115
Booksincluded in tuitionincluded in tuitionincluded in tuition
TOTAL ANCILLA CHARGES$ 8,665$ 8,665$ 8,665
Room and Board$ 2,840$ 1,420$ 4,800
Personal Expenses$1,740$ 870$ 870
Transportation$ 945$ 945$ 540
TOTAL ANCILLA BUDGET$14,190$11,900$14,875


Nursing Clinical Fees$ 1,000 to $2,000 per nursing lab class (varies)
Testing, Malpractice and Review$ 345 (per semester)
Uniforms$ 100 One time cost (student to purchase)
NCLEX-RN Preparation$ 287 One time cost (semester prior to graduation)

* Less than full-time enrollment will change budget figures.  Other budgets are available, upon request, from the Office of Financial Aid.

Auditing a class

Working adults and members of the community can attend Ancilla classes without earning a grade by auditing a class. Auditing means you take part in a course but you are not earning college credit for the experience and knowledge you gain. You can audit a class for 1/3 the cost per credit hour plus the cost of books. (You cannot audit Nursing courses at Ancilla College.)

Want financial aid to help pay for college?

You will want to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to help determine if you qualify for federal and state aid. It is easy to fill out, helps guide our Financial Aid Office in building your file, and could provide you with free money for college!

Watch the video below and fill our your FAFSA before April 15th!