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Culinary Arts at Ancilla College

Culinary Arts Program

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About the program

The culinary arts degree prepares you for a successful journey into the culinary field. Come and learn with us in a farm-to-table environment from a world-renowned chef and professional staff in working restaurants and resorts.

Our program emphasizes in French classical techniques with a twist on contemporary and avant-garde cuisine. The culinary arts degree prepares you for a successful journey into the culinary field.

You will be immersed in the fantastic world of tasting, smelling, feeling, and appreciating the full diversity of the culinary world. From the farm and garden to the table you will learn the extent of food and drink trends in society and its many cultures.

The Culinary Arts program is wholly centered around the student, giving them the tools and skills needed to excel in the field. In a truly small learning environment, students are empowered and encouraged to pursue their passion and grow in their experiences. You will learn not only how to cook, but the science and principles behind the recipes and techniques.

The program is instructed by world-renowned culinary expert Chef Marcelo Marino. Chef Marcelo’s vision for the program is to develop in his students the same passion and respect for the art and craft of cooking he has had himself for decades.

Cooking in action

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About Chef Marcelo

A Le Cordon Bleu graduate and native of Argentina, Chef Marcelo Marino started his culinary journey nearly 30 years ago. His initiation into the culinary world was influenced by his mother, a former pâtissière. Her own passion for cooking was passed on to him.

After working as an apprentice in fine restaurants and small cafés, Chef Marino worked at Las Lenas Ski Resort for the World Ski Cup in the year 1989. After the season ended, he was recruited to work for Ivaran Rederai at the ship M/V “Americana.”

After 2 years onboard, he decided to travel back to South America where he worked for Rodizio Restaurants as well as The Salto Hotel in Uruguay and Brazil.

Chef Marcelo arrived in the United States 16 years ago and worked for Hilton Hotels, Benchmark International at Virginia Crossing Resort, and The Lansdowne in DC.

Chef Marcelo’s accomplishments also include:
2008 James Beard Foundation’s Gala Dinner “Savoring of the Americas”
CCA 2009 Best Chef Teacher of the year Nationwide
2009 Le Cordon Bleu Faculty member of the year

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