Ancilla College’s Copyright Committee has created a copyright policy and copyright procedures in order to be compliant with the Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization Act (TEACH Act) of 2002, mandating that educational institutions have copyright policies and procedures in place. 

By law, the TEACH Act also requires that all students, faculty, and staff of Ancilla College be aware of the policy and procedures in place at the College.  To this effect, the policy and procedures should be made available on the Ancilla College website.

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    Copyright laws protect the rights of the creators of informative and creative works from unfair use of their materials by others.  By law, Ancilla College and all of its students, faculty, and staff must comply with federal copyright laws as stated in Title 17 of the U. S. Code, and with state copyright laws as stated in Article 37 in the Indiana Code.  Copyright laws protect any works that are in a fixed and tangible form, regardless of format or method of access.   This includes but is not limited to books, journal articles, artwork, music, movies, and websites.

    Copyright laws change, and often change to favor the copyright holder. As copyrighted materials no longer are required by law to be clearly marked as such, it should be assumed that everything is protected by copyright, including materials found on the Internet.  However, certain laws allow for students, faculty, and staff of Ancilla College to use some materials under the Fair Use clause; please see Ancilla College’s copyright procedures for details.  The Copyright Committee is responsible for ensuring that current copyright laws are being followed and will change procedures according to these laws.

    Copyright questions, issues, and concerns that students, faculty, or staff may have can be forwarded to the Copyright Committee Chairperson, Cassaundra Bash, at email or phone 936-8898 ex. 323 in the College Library.

    For more information about copyright, please see the following pages:

    Copyright Information and Help
    Copyright Guidelines
    Copyright FAQ for Students
    Copyright FAQ for Instructors
    Common Copyright Terms
    Fair Use