We librarians get lots of questions on a variety of topics–usually about how to do something or where to go for help. Not all of this is strictly library-based, but hey, when you gotta know, you gotta know!

To make it easier, we’ve divided up our FAQ by the type of questions asked: Technology Issues, Where Do I Go For…?, and Library Services.

Where do I go for a student ID?

The library prints all student IDs.  If you have lost your ID, you will have to pay a replacement fee at the library desk before a new one will be printed.

Replacement fees are $5.00 for students living off-campus and $15 for students in the dorms.

What are the library's hours and where can I find contact information?

Like many library-related things, the library’s home page has the answers.  Click here to visit our home page, or find us on the Ancilla College website under Current Students.

How do I find books, DVDs, and other things the library owns?

Use Ancilla’s WorldCat Discovery.

How long can I check out library materials?

General collection books:   3 weeks
Textbooks:  4 hours
Reserves:  varies (class instructor sets limits)
Reference books:  no checkouts; library use only
Magazines and journals:  1 week
DVDs, CDs:  1 week
Earbuds, microphone headset:  4 hours
Flash drives:  2 days

All library materials are due at the end of each semester, unless you make arrangements with the Director of Library Services.

Can I renew?

You may renew most materials, unless a hold has been placed on the item by another student, faculty, or staff member.  Renewals can be done at the library desk or by logging in to your library account.  To log in, go to Ancilla’s WorldCat Discovery and find “My Library Account” in the top right.  Click on the “Sign in” link next to it.  Use your library barcode number on the front of your student ID and your library password.  If you haven’t set up your password, or if you have forgotten it, follow these instructions to set or reset your WorldCat Discovery password.

What if I'm late bringing something back to the library? What if I don't bring it at all?

The library doesn’t collect any overdue fines anymore.  What we do instead is that after a certain time period goes by and the item or items don’t come back, we will put a hold on your transcript.  This hold will keep you from looking at your grades or getting a transcript.  If you are transferring or need your transcript for employment purposes, you’ll need to bring the item(s) back or, if it’s damaged or lost, pay the replacement cost(s).

How do I find magazine, newspaper, or journal articles?

Use EBSCO or Gale.

But I need just peer-reviewed articles. What are they and how do I know when I’ve got one?

Peer-reviewed articles are written by, and approved by, the people in that field of study before being published in a journal. You can actually limit your searches in EBSCO and Gale databases to get just peer-reviewed articles. Look for “peer-review” as a limiter in most databases.

I don’t know how to search databases and the library is closed. Is there a way I can learn this without a librarian to help?

We have an online tutorial called Searching Simplified.  We also have several other tutorials available as well, including ones on how to find items on the library shelves, how to print double-sided on our printers to save paper and space, and how to get citations in the EBSCOhost and Gale databases.

What other help can you give me?

Library services include one-on-one help finding resources and citation assistance.  You may schedule a time at the library desk or stop by.  We do encourage students to reserve a time, as we prioritize those students over walk-ins.

Cassaundra Bash, Director of Library Services, is currently the point person for textbooks.  Please see below for more on textbooks at Ancilla College.

We will answer what questions we can via phone or email, if you aren’t on campus.  We can look up your library barcode number if you need it to log in to the off-campus resources.  Email cassaundra.bash@.ancilla.edu or karen.lopez@ancilla.edu for daytime help on Mondays-Fridays, or lora.vieting@ancilla.edu for email assistance in the evenings on Monday-Thursdays and on Saturdays.  Call 574-936-8898 ex. 323 during our open hours for phone assistance.

The library can also borrow some items from other libraries through a process known as inter-library loan.  Books and magazine or journal articles are the easiest to get, and articles will often come as PDF files electronically.  However, all inter-library loan requests can take some time to process, so it’s best to get your sources early.  Some items, such as newly released books or CDs and DVDs, may be difficult to get, as many libraries don’t like to lend these items if they are checking out frequently to their own library patrons, so some requests may be declined by lending libraries.

The library is also home to the Writing Lab; for questions or advice concerning writing techniques, grammar and punctuation, citation help, and other assistance dealing with writing assignments, please see the Writing Lab staff.

And if you need a caffeine pick-me-up, or want to warm up from the cold winds and snow outside during the winter, we have a self-service tea, coffee, and cocoa bar; 65 cents buys you a cup of the beverage of your choice.  Don’t know how to use our pod pot?  Ask for help at the desk.  Oh, and occasionally, the library will hold a poll to determine what new coffee flavors should be offered; feel free to vote for your preferences!

Where can I find out if the library has a copy of things I need for my class?

The library has Course Reserves, which provides a list of resources for various classes.  These resources are specifically chosen by the instructors and may include books, DVDs, and other library resources, as well as internet resources.  Internet resources will have live links provided in the Course Reserves list.

Course Reserves is set up as a list of classes; simply find your class and click on the available link to go to that class’s course listings.  For nurses, links to several non-class specific resources have been provided on the course reserves page as well; look for General Nursing Resources and Nursing Test Prep Reserves links underneath the other course reserves listings.

What is eCampus and FAST?

eCampus is the textbook supplier Ancilla College uses to order books for students.  The company’s system ordering system, FAST, works with Empower, Ancilla’s enrollment system, to know what classes you’re enrolled in and what books you’ll need.

How do I get my textbooks?

The College will have a designated spot for textbook pickup.  You’ll need to bring your student ID or another photo ID, such as a driver’s license, as proof of identity.  You’ll need to sign for your package(s).  IDs are created in the library; make sure you have your student ID number with you for your ID.

Do I need to contact eCampus about ordering my books?

No, everything is done for you.  If you drop and/or add a class, FAST will update when it connects with Empower, and any book you need for an added class will be shipped.  If you drop a class, you should return the book to the library as soon as you can so that it will be off your record.  Remember, these are rentals (with a few exceptions) so you’ll need to return most, if not all, of your books at the end of the semester.

How will I know if my textbooks are available?

You will get an email in your campus account that will tell you.  Be aware that this email is triggered when the books arrive at the shipping and receiving building and they may not be at the designated location for textbook pickup right away.  It may take a few hours for your books to be brought over and officially checked in so you may be asked to come back.

How do I access my eBook(s)?

Go to https://ancilla.ecampus.com to get a link to log in to your “My Account”.  (You may need to set a password using the “Forgot your password?” link.)  Use your Ancilla email account (first name.last name@ancilla.edu) and the password you set up to log in.  Once logged in, click on your digital bookshelf and look for the access card.


Look for a button to click that says Register, Activate, or something similar.  Clicking on this button should start the registration process and you will need to follow the instructions based on whichever company (Cengage, Elsevier Evolve, etc.) creates the code.

My rental is in bad condition, or it was supposed to come with a code but there wasn’t one there; what do I do?

Your first point of contact is the Director of Library Services, Cassaundra Bash.  She can contact eCampus regarding your book.  If you would rather contact eCampus yourself, the customer service number is 844-523-9055, office hours Monday—Friday 9 A.M.—5 P.M. EST.  Generally, if there are missing pages, excessive writing/highlighting, bad tears, or other damage and this is reported immediately to eCampus, they will send a replacement copy right away.  After receiving your books, please look them over for excessive wear.

Missing codes may require you contact the company that publishes the book and code with proof of purchase.  The Director of Library Services can provide you with the proof electronically, but you will likely have to send that proof of purchase to the company.  For Cengage Learning, support help is 800-354-9706 and for Elsevier (Evolve) it is 800-222-9570.  Calling the company, rather than emailing, is recommended at first so that you can explain immediately to support what your problem is.  They will be able to tell you an email address to contact with the proof of purchase.

How and when do I return a book?

You can return a book to the library during finals week, after you’ve finished your last exam.  We will need to know your name, because we have to tell the FAST system which student has returned which book.  If you aren’t sure that you’ve turned in all your books, we’ll be able to tell you what book you may have forgotten.  We also will be able to tell you if you have a book that is considered a workbook; these books are non-returnable and you may keep them.

If a book is returned in unusable condition (excessive highlighting, inappropriate or excessive marks, missing or badly torn pages, etc.), we will not be able to return the book to eCampus and you will be charged for the full price of the book.

What if I don't return a book?

Eventually, if you don’t return a book either at Ancilla’s return station or on your own, eCampus will assume it is lost, damaged, or that you want to keep it, and they will bill you.

How can I find eBooks?

Use EBSCO eBook Collection, or search for them using WorldCat Local or WorldCat Discovery.

How do I log in to the computers on campus?

For most people, your username is your first initial and last name; people with common names may have to add their middle initial, too. So while Jane Polyphemus would be jpolyphemus, Jane (Rebecca) Smith might be jsmith or jrsmith. Your first password will be two zeros, followed by the last 4 numbers in your student ID number.

Oops! I’ve forgotten my password to get onto the computers. What do I do?

IT or library staff members can reset your password.

How do I get to my campus email?

Your username and password for logging onto campus computers is the same login information for your campus email. Go to www.ancilla.edu. Go to Current Students, and click on Campus Email.  In the box, type in your username (first initial, last name). Some accounts may require you to add @ancilla.edu:  Example: Jane Polyphemus = jpolyphemus@ancilla.edu.

How do I get to my campus email at home/off campus/through wi-fi?

Do the same as above. Some people may have to adjust security settings; if you are having problems, please contact the Ancilla College IT department.

What is my/my instructor’s campus email address?

Ancilla emails are set up to usually be firstname.lastname@ancilla.edu.

Example: Jane Polyphemus = jane.polyphemus@ancilla.edu

Like usernames, emails may have to use a middle initial.  Instructors usually have their contact information on their syllabus, so if you’re not sure about your instructor’s email, looking at your syllabus is a good way to double-check!

What is an H drive, and why do I have it? How do I use it?

An H drive is set up to allow you to save documents, assignments, etc. to a place tied to your username, not the individual computers. Unlike My Documents, the H drive follows you around campus; it doesn’t matter what campus computer you’re logged onto, you’ll have access to your H drive. My Documents is computer specific and will be deleted every night. Saving to the H drive is a safer way to save documents. Library staff recommends, however, that you also make copies onto a flash drive as well, in case something happens to your H drive or if you need to take unfinished work home with you.  The H drive is accessible only on campus computers.

NOTE:  On Windows 7, H drives can become Z drives.  Rule of thumb:  Whatever the letter, your username will be there!

How do I get to my online or web assisted class? How do I log on to my online or web assisted class?

Go to www.ancilla.edu.  Go to Current Students, click on Online Courses & Moodle.  Type in your Moodle username and password, and click on the link to your class.  Your username is your email address (first name.last name@www.ancilla.edu).  If this is the first time you’ve ever logged in, your password is your birthday (mmddyyyy), and you’ll be prompted to change your password.

Oops! I’ve forgotten my password for Moodle. How do I reset my Moodle password?

If you forget your Moodle password, click on the “Lost password?” button.  Type in either your username or email address–not both!This sends an email to the email address Moodle has on file for you.  The email will instruct you to click on a link, which will trigger a second email with a temporary password.  Copy and paste the temp password; you may be prompted to reset your password afterwards.

I’ve lost my flash drive/my flash drive crashed! What do I do?

When a flash drive is brought to the library desk (also lost and found), library staff check for documents with student, faculty, or staff names on them.  We then send an email to the person to let them know that their flash drive is in the library’s lost and found.  You can pick up lost flash drives (and other items) at the library desk.  Remember, though, that not all flash drives are turned in to the library’s lost and found.  For that reason (and also because flash drives have been known to fail suddenly), the library staff strongly suggests that you save your important files not only on your flash drive, but on your H drive or personal computer or laptop as well, so you’ll always have a copy.  If you need a temporary flash drive due to loss or failure, the library can loan you a flash drive for two days, giving you a chance to find or replace your old one.

Where do I go for testing and homework help?

Center for Student Achievement handles all testing, including placement testing and makeup tests for classes, and it also is the tutoring center.  For help with math, Ancilla does have a Math Lab (Room 201) and a Writing Lab (in the Library).

Where do I go for help with a FAFSA?

Financial Aid will answer all your FAFSA and other financial aid questions.

Where do I go to find out more about being a student worker?

If you want to apply for a student worker position, you’ll need to go to Financial Aid for details.  However, you can start the process by filling out an application here.

Where can I go to get help with the research process--finding sources like books, journal articles, etc.?

Library staff will help you one-on-one; you can schedule an appointment or stop by during open hours to see if a staff member is free.  We’ll gladly walk you through the process.  If you’re at home, and/or the library is closed, you might want to check out our library tutorials page, where several research-based tutorials, as well as other tutorials, are available 24/7.

I've lost (or found) something; where is lost and found?

The library is Ancilla College’s official lost and found.  If you’ve lost a flash drive, the library staff will try to find out who it belongs to by looking at names on documents, and we’ll contact you via email to let you know when we’ve found a flash drive with documents in your name.  Feel free to stop by the library and ask about lost drives anyway, in case we can’t contact you right away–sometimes, we are very busy and can’t always check flash drives right away.

You can also report lost items, so that if something comes in fitting the description you gave us, we can contact you so that you can claim it.

Where can I find a scanner?

There is a scanner in two places: one in Center for Student Achievement, and one in the library.

The library’s scanner will create a PDF file of your document(s) on a special folder that library staff can access, so in order to take your scan with you, you’ll have to bring a flash drive that library staff can use to save your document.

Where do I go to ask questions about copyright concerns?

If you have a copyright question, please ask Cassaundra Bash, the Director of Library Services.  You may contact her at 574-936-8898 ex. 323, email cassaundra.bash@ancilla.edu, or stop by her office (Room C200C) in the library.

Where can I go to get something faxed?

The business office has a fax machine, but they may charge you.

Where can I go to borrow headphones, microphones, flash drives, etc.?

The library lends earbuds and headphone/microphone sets for four hours, on-campus use only.  Flash drives check out for two days.