Connections Program

Dedicated, Committed and Connected to Ancilla College!

What is the Connections Program?

The Connections Program at Ancilla College is designed to assist students in developing academic, social, and personal skills while encouraging thoughtful engagement in the classroom and on campus.  Services are offered to encourage college persistence and include tutoring, mentoring, career development, cultural enrichment, and volunteer service in the community.  Students will commit to attending at least one hour per week in a non-credit, non-tuition course. This non-credit program is offered at no cost to currently enrolled Ancilla College students.

Who Should Apply to the Connections Program?

The Connections Program at Ancilla College is open to all currently enrolled students. Applications will be accepted until capacity is reached.  Students who need encouragement to stay dedicated, committed, and connected to their college goals are encouraged to apply.  Connections is designed to be a friendly and easily accessible hub of support.

What Will I Do in the Connections Program?

Connections Program members will be expected to attend Connections 101, a supplemental course designed to work together to problem solve common obstacles and to provide support during stressful periods of the academic calendar.  Members are required to attend Connections 101 a minimum of 1 hour per week, class sessions are offered throughout the week.  Connections students are committed to using campus resources.  Members are also dedicated to gaining valuable experiences and will participate in at least one cultural field trip per semester and one volunteer experience each calendar year.

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