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Veterinary Nursing


New! Ancilla Veterinary Nursing

Check out our brand new program! 

Are you concerned about the health and welfare of animals? Can you imagine yourself in a career with animals? Ancilla College has the program for you! The Ancilla Veterinary Nursing (AVN) program is a fast paced, science-based profession providing you the opportunity to be an integral part of any caring veterinary team.

Our unique program provides students with the advantage of small class sizes, one-on-one interaction with faculty, hands on animal learning sessions, as well as opportunities for community engagement. In addition to animal nursing skills, our AVN program also focuses on communication skills, compassion, detail orientation, manual dexterity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Contact our Admissions department at 574.936.8898 ext. 330 or if you have any additional questions.

In our unique program, you will learn…

• Anesthesia
• Animal husbandry
• Dental hygiene
• Handling and nursing skills
• Laboratory skills
• Pharmacology
• Phlebotomy
• Physical therapy
• Radiology
• Small, large, exotic, and laboratory animal restraint
• Surgical assisting
• And so much more!

What are your career paths?

  • Boarding Facilities
  • Education
  • Government Agencies
  • Laboratory Medicine
  • Military
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Private Veterinary Clinics/Hospitals
  • Research
  • And More!

At A Glance

Program Credit Hours

61 credit hours

  • General Education: 16
  • Major/Concentration: 39
  • Externship: 6
Standard Completion Time

2 years



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Criteria for Program


  • Strong communication skills, compassion, detail orientation, manual dexterity, and problem-solving skills
  • General high school diploma or equivalent and be at least 18 years of age
  • A competitive admissions process will be based on the following criteria:
    – Academic ability with a 3.0 high school GPA; 3.0 college GPA to be maintained throughout the AVN program
    – Experience (animal care, veterinary healthcare exposure, general work experiences)
    – Evidence of self-motivation, self-determination, veterinary nursing career awareness, leadership, and
    awareness of the AVN Program
    – Interview process with Program faculty prior to acceptance


The following is an example of the Ancilla Veterinary Nursing Program semester curriculum, and is subject to change. 


Usual first semester courses

  • Writing I (3cr)
  • Freshman Seminar (2cr)
  • Public Speaking (3cr)
  • Math 110 or higher (3cr)
  • Microbiology (4cr)
  • Safety, Prevention and Public Health (1cr)


Usual third semester courses

  • Pharmacology for VN (3cr)
  • Small Animal Nursing II (3cr)
  • Clinical Laboratory Procedures (2cr)
  • Large Animal Medicine (3cr)
  • Clinical Lab II (2cr)
  • Integrations I (Case Study) (1cr)


Usual second semester courses

  • Intro to Vet Nursing (2cr)
  • Anatomy for VN (4cr)
  • Physiology for VN (2cr)
  • Small Animal Nursing I (3cr)
  • Clinical Lab I (2cr)


Usual fourth semester courses

  • Surgery & Anesthesia (3cr)
  • Lab & Exotics (3cr)
  • Diagnostic Imaging (3cr)
  • Clinical Lab III (2cr)
  • Integrations II (Case Study) (1cr)


  • Externship I (120 Work Hours) (3cr)
  • Externship II (120 Work Hours) (3cr)



  • All students engage in test preparation each

Marianne Dosmann, RVT MS

Director of Veterinary Nursing Program


Phone: 574-936-8898


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