Agriculture, Associate of Science

Learn to manage a career in one of the nation's most critical industries.

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Take your first two years of Agriculture here at Ancilla College and transfer to a four-year school to finish out the bachelor's degree. Or, go straight to the workforce, starting your career on one of the many farms in our area or in the corporate farming industry. We have agreements with nearly 20 four-year schools that guarantee qualified applicants placement and relationships with local businesses to help you get work.

Why an Agriculture Degree?

Agriculture has many, many different career options. Agriculture is about understanding biology and plant life, crops and biosystems, food and food safety, food science, production and sustainability in addition to cows, plows, farms, and farming. An associate degree in this field will help qualify you for the breadth of modern-day agriculture, helping you thrive in this vibrant career field.

Agriculture is a new program at Ancilla College, available now for registration. Apply!

Classes include:

  • AGRI 101 — Fundamentals of Horticulture
  • AGRI 102 — Introduction to Animal Agriculture
  • AGRI 104 — Introduction to Agricultural Systems
  • AGRI 105 — Soil Sciences and Crop Production
  • AGRI 203 — Agriculture Microeconomics
  • AGRI 230 — Management Methods in Agriculture Business

What are my career options with this program?


Seed technician


Farming industry analyst

Conservation officer

Food scientist


Commodities trader