English, Associate of Arts

Prepare yourself by reading and analyzing written works.

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Ancilla College’s associate degree with a major in English is an academic program in both writing and literature. The program is designed to enrich your skills in written communication, learning, and creative thinking. You will build a deep and varied skill set that will help in future academic and career opportunities.

An English major is good preparation for many areas of interest. You will learn to organize your thinking and express thoughts clearly. Learning about the English language through literature prepares your mind to be proactive, determined, assertive and confident.

Why Get an English Degree?

As Ancilla College English degree seekers, students will scrutinize a variety of texts and acquire knowledge of literary movements, periods, and approaches that shape how we view literature today. English majors develop comprehensive written and spoken communication skills and become adept at arguing a point, framing a narrative, and analyzing various levels of meaning.

This new program includes courses that are relevant to sound written expression and literary works representative of noted authors. Students will master the art of effective writing and apply critical thinking in their analyses. Specific course information will be posted soon.


What are my career options with this program?



Public administrator


Technical writer

Administrative assistant

Public relations executive

Advertisting agent

Freelance writer

Digital publishing manager